The World of Yangtze

We’re finally past mid-December and I can finally feel absolutely relieved having successfully hosted an Oscar-themed Dinner and Dance for GE SeaCo Pte Ltd as well as “celebrating” my birthday of sort thereafter.

I’m not going to speak much about the event that I hosted but you can view photos of the event and soon-to-be uploaded video of it on my FaceBook page site available here Mr/Abang/Cikgu Abd.

I’m going to talk about how I spent my birthday or had spent “celebrating” my birthday this year.

Chinatown, Singapore was the setting and I decided to pay a visit to Yangtze Cinema with someone who was also celebrating her birthday! Call it a birthday present of sort for myself but this was definitely an experience that I had been waiting for, FOR A VERY LONG TIME.

For Singaporeans who’ve heard of the cinema, you’d know that the cinema only screens R(A) rated movies. I was told years ago when I was still schooling that you’d see ah peks (old uncles) going into the cinemas carrying with them newspapers. It’s not for them to read but rather for them to wank into and clean themselves thereafter.

Cheap thrill of sorts I suppose to watch and wank into newspaper – Something which I wouldn’t understand.

Nonetheless, most of the movie screenings were at very specific timeslots and I’m guessing it’s because the rest of the time would be spent on cleaning the seats to rid it of possible semen stains – if the logic was ever true.

So, I bought two tickets for a Korean R(A) rated movie entitled, Downfall, at 9pm. Tickets are relatively priced cheap with 7pm and 9pm shows selling at SGD$5! (I’m so going back there again for 7pm and 9pm shows!) The cinema is located above a KTV lounge and if you’re planning on catching a movie there, I suggest you come for the 7pm shows instead because the KTV would begin its operation halfway through your 9pm show and it’s really distracting – regardless if you’re paying attention to the movie or trying to focus on a different sort of activity.

Yangtze Cinema Movie Ticket

Yangtze Cinema Movie Ticket

On entering the theatre, it was very empty and the seats were actually relative comfortable, of which I believed were 2nd hand movie seats possibly from GV Yishun 10 as they looked and felt familiar. Anyways, within minutes of being seated, we noticed a couple – a white guy and a chinese lady, entering the cinema. The chinese lady took out a blanket and covered herself thereafter – very dodgy indeed!

But when the movie started, the movie was rather disappointing for me as I was expecting a dodgy movie, so that I can hear and/or see the other patrons in the cinema engaging themselves in the activities that my teacher had once told me of. The movie turned out to be really good – it was a movie about a Korean orphan girl who at 16 was bought by a pimp to be a prostitute and led a life of prostitution to pay her debts back to the pimp. Along the way, she met a guy whom she had a special relationship with and was even married to her own customer, only to be divorced. In summary, the movie was about a prostitute searching for her hometown and love in her life. The only thing R(A) about the movie was a few scenes with nudity.

Yangtze Cinema Staircase

Yangtze Cinema Staircase

But Yangtze Cinema is not all about the dodgy cinema that it is infamous for, it is also perhaps the only location in Singapore whereby you can find interesting businesses in operation as well as staircases which aren’t well maintained. It had a totally different aura, one which was exclusively unique.

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