SICK Games 2011

The SEA Games in Indonesia has attracted a lot of criticism and along with it, media attention even before it began.

The construction of the stadium in Palembang, Sumatra, Indonesia was one of the major concerns everyone had as it wasn’t ready even days before the games began. Doubts and criticisms had built up over the months as delays mounted. This isn’t typical of Indonesia, given the rampant culture of corruption between government and state officials.

Whilst I’m not accusing the government or state official of corruption, I am also not able to exclude the possibility that there was indeed corruption. Another possibility could also be the fact that Indonesians in the construction industry have a tendency to leave work the moment they receive their paycheck. THIS IS A FACT, especially in the construction industry whereby there is a high turnover of employees and employers are forced to continuously hire or re-hire those who leave to replace those that leave having received their paycheck. (I’m saying this confidently because my dad has been overseeing a construction project in Indonesia for the past year)

Moving forward, the Indonesians have managed to complete the construction in time for the SEA Games opening ceremony which not only impressed but also showed that it wasn’t sufficiently prepared for certain occurences. YES, I was impressed with the artistic performances put up by the Indonesians. I have never had a doubt in the artistic talents of Indonesians.  But the rain also showed the lack of preparation in terms of technical ability. The microphone was disconnected several times during the Athletes Pledge Taking Ceremony which was embarassing to me, because the country’s president, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was in attendance.

Further to that, I was having a hilarious laugh when the flame was extinguished not once but twice when the athletes were passing the torch. The pinnacle had to be when Susi Susanti, the legendary badminton champion, was airborne and being transported to the cauldron when the flame on her torch extinguished and despite her missing her throw into the cauldron, the cauldron actually lighted up before the extinguished torch even reached anywhere near it!

Okay, but that’s about what I find of the Indonesians but this SEA Games has also seen athletes slain by food poisoning. The Singapore contingent has been hit by bouts of diarrhoea caused by food poisoning and so have the Malaysians. This isn’t a new phenomenon of course because anyone who visits Indonesia and doesn’t have a strong tummy WILL END UP with food poisoning. I know this because I have personally experienced this myself in my trip to Jakarta, Indonesia, 2 years ago and this despite the fact that I visit Indonesia at least twice a year.

I was quite worried when I heard that the Singapore swimmers were affected by this. I mean, what if they got into the pool and then they suddenly had their diarrhoea? We’d have a pool of shit, like literally!

But seriously, if you are hit by Food Poisoning, you should be suffering from diarrhoea and vomitting. One best remedy to resolve it would be to pop a garlic pill which would instantly get your to puke. We don’t have it available in Singapore though so perhaps buying garlic drink would be the next best option. That aside, a foot massage would also help you to regulate the flow of your blood and definitely lots and lots of rest.

Oh well, Singapore team is doing well at the moment.

I’ll be experiencing Jakarta for myself when I visit it next week. Can’t wait for that now, can we?

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