Roach Infestation at Ayam Bakar Ojolali

I’m not a big critic when it comes to food simply because I’m easily satisfied with food but there are certain issues I take on when it comes to food – FOOD HYGIENE.

The cleanliness of the kitchen and how the food is prepared plays is of great importance to me because I used to work in the Food & Beverage industry (Hyatt Banquet and Starbucks Barista). I’d never report for work if I wasn’t feeling well and anytime I touched my face or wiped my hands onto my clothes or pants, I’d ensure that I wash it. It’s basic hygiene and but it’s extremely important as well because our hands are where the most bacteria resides.

My two other friends

My two other friends

Yesterday, I dined at Ayam Bakar Ojolali located at Lucky Plaza. For those of you who love Indonesian food, I’m sure you must have been there at least once because the food there is really tasty.

Fried Chicken Rice

Fried Chicken Rice

I’m not sure if it was my bad luck or good luck as it is because for the second time in my life, I had a cockroach in my meal.

This time, I was enjoying my Fried Chicken Rice when I discovered the FRIED BABY COCKROACH amidst my delicious fried chicken. Immediately, I flipped the roach aside and just calmed myself down as I slowly munched the rest of the food already in my mouth, hoping that there wasn’t any roaches in there but refusing to puke it out as it wasn’t my style to create a scene for others to watch.

The Cockroach

The Cockroach

Having swallowed whatever was already in my mouth with a little bit of imagination running wild, I drank my favourite avocado juice with much hesitant as I figured what to do next.

There wasn’t much in my mind as I was traumatized and had absolutely lost all appetite as how my two friends would vouch.

Finally, I decided to put the cockroach back onto the plate where it belonged, take a photo of it as evidence before finally calling on the staff to speak with him in private about my traumatizing encounter.

Of course, the staff was shocked but kindly took my plate away behind me and came back moments later offering a new plate. Errr… NO THANK YOU.

Fast forward, I lodged a complain to National Environment Agency through it’s website and was informed that they have proceeded to the location to conduct an investigation and discovered an infestation of cockroaches. The outlet will no doubt be closed for a few days now as it has to bring in the pest busters to clean out the roaches.

The Cockroach Upclose and Personal

The Cockroach Upclose and Personal

Whatever it is, I just want to ensure that no one else has to suffer the same traumatizing fate.

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