4-80 Challenge, a mini Urbanathlon cum Amazing Race

Are you an avid runner or athlete or perhaps just someone who wants to try to participate in those big running events but have no idea if you can possibly complete them because it just seems to be too far?

I know exactly what you mean.

The first time I took part in such a competition was in 2010 for the Men’s Health Urbanathlon.

Crazy, one might say as I’ve never participated in any such running competition beyond secondary school when I was running for school. But that was more than 10 years ago and with my fitness level dropping year by year ever since I stopped playing competitive sports, I definitely needed something to continuously push me to maintain my fitness.

For those of you who are on the lookout for such events, good news!

There’s an event this 12 November 2011, Saturday.

4-80 challenge

4-80 challenge

It’s not a huge event, so you can be assured that you won’t have to fight it out with thousands of people and you can compete at your own pace. For those of you who are frequent runners, this might be of interest to you as well!

The event, 4-80 Challenge, is a 4km run and 80m climb up the stairs and all these, in the heart of Singapore’s shopping district, Orchard Road. Don’t worry, it’s in the early morning so your friends won’t see you running in your tights!

I’ve walked through the route and I have to admit that this run is really challenging because since the roads won’t be blocked, you are forced to run in accordance to the traffic rules! You might arrive first, but doesn’t mean you’d get to cross the traffic lights first! Call it sort of an Amazing Race if you must but this event really requires you to pace your energy so that you have enough to climb the 80m stairs at Far East Plaza’s Service Apartment and to sprint towards the finishing line at Cairnhill CC.

What’s best about this?

It’s only $15 for Non-Passion Card members and $10 for Passion Card members.

You get a T-Shirt and a Goodie Bag!

So, what are you waiting for?

To register, visit http://one.pa.gov.sg and type “4-80” under the “Keywords” function and change it to “Activity” and SEARCH!

If you’d like to volunteer as a Route Marshal for the event, send me an email at whatsabd@gmail.com and I’ll forward your details to the person-in-charge!

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