Hyrul Anuar’s ‘MATA’ Music Video Launch, The First Of Its Kind

Everyone of us in this current generation (those born after the 80’s) are children who grew up on Music Television or better known as MTV. A source of enjoying music beyond music as we get to watch music videos of our beloved performers in action.

Music videos in the past were simple and pretty much, cheesy to the core as it demonstrated what was perhaps literal to the imagination. A direct translation of words and expression into body movements.

The purpose of music videos is of course, to give the audience a better interpretation of what the lyrics really meant – a short film of sorts.

These days, music videos still serves the same purpose but with the advent of technology and increased creativity, artistic direction for music videos go beyond the norm and push the limits of creativity. What used to be simple shoots and editing now take a much longer time for the shoot itself as well as post production work but all these in the name of art.

Yesterday, I was invited to what was perhaps the first ever of its’ kind – a Music Video Launch.

I don’t think there’s ever been any other performer who has had a private screening of their music video but perhaps, we might see the trend coming up soon after this.

The launch of Hyrul Anuar’s ‘MATA’ Music Video was held at The Arts House Screening Room and despite the heat of F1 buzzing just outside, it was evident that nothing was going to stop Hyrul from having a successful launch. More than just a launch, he was also celebrating his birthday and 6th year being in the entertainment industry.

Music Video Poster

Music Video Poster

He has certainly gone a long way from the days of being an ‘Anugerah’ boy back in 2005 when he was first crowned Champion to a grown adult who’s had an album and 3 music videos launched – all of which were achieved in the space of 2 years, after he left MediaCorp’s Artise Management Unit.

Clearly there were a lot of things that Hyrul wanted to express at the launch as even Imran Ajmain, his producer for his album, Sesebuah Perubahan and his Music Videos had commented that Hyrul was rambling.

Hyrul’s Music Video which was filmed by students from Nanyang Technological University’s School of Arts, Design and Media students was also conceptualised by him. The music video which was shot in several locations in NTU as well as in Tuas over 5 days and pretty much impressed me.

It boasted of slick dance moves choreographed by Fantastic Crew and make-up by Daen A.Ali with costumes sponsored by ATZU and Dress Sense. The music video had a gothic theme and was a mixture of K-Pop and Adam Lambert.

With the launch of the music video, I’m very sure Hyrul Anuar has clocked a new milestone in his career and will have many more milestones to come in the future.

Thank you for the invitation and Congratulations!

4 thoughts on “Hyrul Anuar’s ‘MATA’ Music Video Launch, The First Of Its Kind

  1. Hi. Sorry, I think you may have gotten the name of the school wrong. It’s School of Arts, Design and Media, not Art and Digital Media.
    But great article nonetheless! 🙂


  2. Hey Abdillah great article, mars was the producer for this fantastic music video..I am glad everyone enjoyed the music video, it was pure determination and hard work put up by everyone and the main crew, (ridwan, mars, Adzlyn and hong Chen) had a good time discussing ideas and sharing it with Hyrul. We hope the music
    video would inspire other budding film makers to
    take up opportunities like this with local artistes. Letlocal talent flourish! -


    • Hi Ridwan,

      Great to know that.

      I hope to see more of such collaborations between local talents. It is only through such collaborations that we can grow together as a society.

      Kudos to the team!

      (Makes me feel like I want a music video with no music to call my own)


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