Playing Host To A Party/Gathering

Everyone loves to attend parties/gatherings because you always seem to be able to get to know new faces and build new friendships with total strangers but there are also times when some parties/gatherings are just avoided altogether because being there makes you feel like an awkward turtle and you often seem to find yourself tucked away in a corner, people watching or eating your food with little or no interaction at all with the rest of the crowd and end up saying “I had fun” when you really mean “I had ‘fun’ “.

These incidences should and can be avoided but requires the good and tireless work of THE ORGANISER or THE HOST.

The organiser/host often assume that just because a few people know each other, they’d be introduced to the rest of the crowd. More often than not, most people who attend such parties/gatherings prefer to do catching up with old faces whom they haven’t met. And well, that’s what most parties/gatherings are about anyway but in a social event as such, the organiser/host, plays a very important role to help break the ice and introduce everyone to each other as much as possible.

Here in Singapore, based on my experience of attending such parties/gatherings, I can first divide this into two segments; Single Host and Group Hosting.

If you happen to host an event all by yourself, chances are you know everyone whom you have invited to the event and it’d be a very small and intimate event. Your task first and foremost will be to:

  1. Greet Your Guests
  2. Introduce Who Your Guests Are

Sounds like a very simple and easy task to do but not many people often do the latter. It is extremely important as the host for you to introduce guests to each other to help them get conversations going. As the intermediary, getting people warmed up is the easiest way to get your party going because people need to be talking.

Introductions should include the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Occupation
  3. Something they both have in common
  4. Inviting them to drink/eat/sit

Once all guests have arrived and since you’re hosting the party/gathering all by yourself, it is imperative that you then take the stand to make a formal introduction/speech to officially get the party/gathering going. If there’s a need to, a short and quick game of ice-breakers could help to get everyone gelled. You might also want to set the rules of the day; showing guests where to get top-ups for food and drinks should be one of the rules.

Happening Party

If your party turned out like this, you must have been such a great host at getting the ice-broken!

The same applies when you organise parties/gatherings as a group/committee but since there might one or more guests that you might be unfamiliar with, it is advisable that you conduct a few short rounds of ice-breakers just to get everyone familiarized with the faces first. It’ll go a long way towards helping those strange looking faces start talking to each other a little bit later on.

Everyone talks about networking sessions but seriously, networking gets easier when it is facilitated by the organiser. Not only that, your guests will be forever thankful to you and will remember you for being a great host! That’s provided you’ve got great food served as well!

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