The Propaganda – National Day Parade 2011

Majulah Singapura

Majulah Singapura

National Day Parade 2011 had a really good concept to begin with – the linkage between the MTV we’ve been watching being brought to life on stage. It was no doubt a really good idea and concept.

It’s great because with the link, audiences are able to draw parallels between what they’ve been watching to what they’re watching.

However, I thought that perhaps the committee and the creative director was a tad too desperate to push for the cause to remind Singaporeans of how Singapore first came about and how important it is to appreciate what we have today through the series of performances depicted in a form of a musical.

A little bit too overbearing if there was any word to describe this years’ National Day Parade.

That aside, seems quite sad also that our male actors had to double as female as if there wasn’t enough female talents in Singapore to begin with (Enlai and Gurmit being made to play female roles). With such a huge budget in tow, surely there’d be enough money or political persuasion to get female talents to come onboard to ‘volunteer’ their services.

Having said that, I think after years of watching and being involved in NDP, perhaps it is time we re-look at how we want NDP to be performed.

For the past 46 years, TV viewers and audiences the world over who’ve come to watch our National Day Parade has been fed with propagandic messages of Singapore. Perhaps it is time for a change.

I think it’ll be great to be able  to have a National Day Parade whereby we can have our local drama groups get involved to present their own interpretation of what Singapore is all about and what being a Singaporean means. It’s more artistic and definitely will be more cost effective as well since most of these drama groups usually produce performances at ridiculously low budgets and with the NDP committee being accorded such ridiculously high budgets, I’m sure our drama groups will be able to come up with a performance that’ll be well worth the money.

It’ll be a fresh break from all the glitz and propaganda messages that the government has.

Don’t worry though, we can and should still preserve the first part of the show – parade and display of defense assets. We can also keep the last part of the show, kept to a minimum – FIREWORKS.

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