To Be Or Not To Be – OBEDIENT

Not too long ago, Singapore saw the culmination of a club that was gaining ground and popularity, as well as controversy in the region – ‘The Obedient Wives Club’.

This ‘Obedient Wives Club’ states that it’s purpose was to ensure that their role as Muslim wives were fulfilled – listening to the husbands demands for sex and being creative in bed to ensure that sex was always good. It was basically, a lot of talk about sex although there were also other issues being discussed amongst other things BUT the focus was always about sex.

With such issues such as sex being discussed openly in conservative Singapore, (Indonesians are more open to talk about this, seriously), no wonder the club made headlines to the point that it got several Muslim clerics on their toes. To make things worst or better, some members of the club are academics and/or religious leaders themselves and thus, puts a split in opinions amongst fellow Muslim Singaporeans whereby most of what is considered OK, is governed or based on recommendation by MUIS (Islamic Religious Council of Singapore).

Going by the principles of the Obedient Wives Club to keep the man happy, I don’t think it’s a principle worth arguing because it is in fact, the duty of the wife to keep the husband pleased and happy BUT so is the duty of the husband to ensure the safety and well-being of the family is governed. In short, the husband has a duty to also please the wife and make her happy and not just one way street as how perhaps the media and this group is seen to be vouching for.

Put it simply, if there’s an Obedient Wives Club, I think we could see an Obedient Husbands Club whereby the husbands have an obligation to learn how to please the wife and make her happy. Most of the time, we hear about how women are expected to do this and that for the men but the men fall short of expectations with the women because men often aren’t able to satisfy a women as easily as the women can satisfy men.

If that is truly the case, then I think all those men who’s wives are in Obedient Wives Club ought to open their Obedient Husbands Club whereby they’ll discuss ways and methods on how best to please their wives. And since much of what’s been discussed in the media has been centered on sex, the husband should learn how to ensure the wife is able to climax and reach orgasm because not many women are able to reach orgasm.

It’s only a fair deal to say the least, right?

So, how?

Shall we have an Obedient Husbands Club for the husbands of the Obedient Wives Club?

I actually find it rather redundant because if you’re a Muslim, you are already obliged to be obedient and loyal to your spouse. Of course, Islam allows polygamy for the husbands but that’s a separate matter altogether (I’ll refrain from delving into that topic here because it covers other parts of the religion).

So perhaps the question now is, are you disobedient if you are not in the Obedient Wives Club or are you so disobedient that you have to be in the Obedient Wives Club to learn to be obedient?

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