Hello! I’m UP!

Hello everyone, my name is Abd (pronounced as UP) as in ‘Up Up and Away’ and ‘Up the ladder’.

That’s how I introduce myself to everyone for as long as I’ve known since I stopped introducing myself as ‘Gila’ (crazy) in Primary 4. I can’t remember why I did that anyway but I must have been, crazy?

But anyways, this entry is going to be on introductions – introducing yourself and making an impact ALMOST IMMEDIATELY.



Most people start by introducing their names and good luck to you if you have a name that tongue twists because the other person probably won’t be able to pronounce your name and you’d end up teaching him/her how to pronounce your name. This could take a few minutes and be a good ice breaker BUT chances are, your name won’t be remembered because it’s too difficult to be remembered despite being catchy.

In the world of today where everyone is into networking sessions, you want to be remembered. I know I want to be remembered and I want my name to be remembered. I don’t want people to have to say something like, “Oh you know that guy we met, the bald guy.. can you remember what’s his name?”

Such situations does occur very often to most people, so how do you minimize such incidences so that when people remember you, they remember your name immediately like, “Oh! Can you remember Up, the bald guy?”.

Now, you go figure out which one sounds better and which one you want fall under.

I certainly want the latter and I suppose that’s how I’ve always been able to be ‘remembered’ because in the world of business, when you’re at the top of someone’s mind, you’ve got an edge.

So, how do you ensure that you can be remembered?

A good start would be for you to do a reflection on yourself and think if you were in a strangers’ shoes and you were being introduced to yourself, do you think you’d be able to remember yourself and pronounce  your name in particular.

If your answer is NO, then you better figure out how best to!

Ensure that your name can be remembered easily and find a name that is easily pronounced and sticks to just TWO syllable, maximum.

To learn more on how to build this image and other tips for networking, come attend SIM Members Day this 20th August 2011 to learn more about what we can do for you as an individual and as an organisation.

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