Before You Cast Your Ballot

Tomorrow, Singaporeans will be casting their votes for the party and the people that they can put their faith and trust in to lead and serve them.

Many of us would be torn between voting for the people we want in and the party we want because as a result of the GRC system, there are just some people whom we like and we believe in them in serving and leading us BUT the remaining members aren’t just impressive enough or have failed to convince or touch our hearts and hence we’re made to choose between the PARTY or the PERSON.

This is something that perhaps all Singaporeans, except for those staying in Tanjong Pagar GRC might want to think about tonight when they sleep.

It’s a dilemma that Singaporeans have been placed under but a decision that every Singaporean must make, and wisely too.

If you’ve never thought of yourself being an important person, tomorrow when you cast that ballot and mark that X within the box, beside the party logo that you’re voting for, YOU ARE AN IMPORTANT PERSON because constituencies can be won or lost even by a count of just one vote.

For Singaporeans who are young and still schooling, think about what you want to achieve in the future and which party you believe will be able to bring you there. You may not have started working yet but it’s not too late for you to seek opinions of those who have taken the same education path as you and are currently in the working world.

For Singaporeans who are working, think about whether you are satisfied and happy with where you’re at in life right now or do you want to achieve more in life? Depending on your answer, your vote for the party’s policy of your choice will help you get there.

For Singaporeans who are ageing, think about whether life in Singapore has been good and how you’d like to live the rest of your life in Singapore. The parties have presented their policies and it’s now up to you to vote for the party which will help you achieve your ambitions in your twilight years.

We’ve heard and seen and read about the different policies offered by the different political parties as well as the numerous mudslinging of individual candidates and we’ve also tuned ourselves in to the different channels of Singapore media.

Now, let’s watch, listen, feel and understand about Singapore’s politics through the eyes of a foreign media based in Singapore:

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