Can Hawazi Really Help You Solve Problems?

At an election rally earlier tonight, Hawazi Daipi, the candidate for Sembawang GRC said, “If you have problems you think we can solve, approach us”.

I have a problem with what he said not because he is a PAP candidate but because I don’t think people in Sembawang GRC should trust his words and here’s why.

Sometime in 2008 when I was staying at Marsiling Block 23 which was under his ward, a slab of concrete in my kitchen ceiling fell on my mom’s head when she was doing her work. I wasn’t at home. I was in the office working but I’m thankful that my dad wasn’t working because when my dad called me informing me that ceiling had dropped on my mom’s head, I freaked out.

When I got home, I noticed a HUGE slab of concrete was missing from the ceiling, exposing the steel structures which was now rusty and my mom’s head was bleeding. She was wearing her tudung to go to the hospital by cab with my dad with the tudung soaked with blood.

Of course I refused to allow my dad to take my mom to the hospital by cab. I called for the ambulance over to check on her.

I was told that my mom was perhaps slightly unconscious at the time when the concrete had fell on her head and if not for my dad being home, I wouldn’t dare think of what would have happened to my mom. (Click here to see photos of the the slab of concrete)

A few weeks later, after restoration work was done to the ceiling, Hawazi Daipi went on his walkabout and this was informed much earlier as a flyer was distributed informing residents and the agenda was on the Lift Upgrading Programme.

I decided that perhaps, this would be a good time for me to allay my concerns to him with regards to the liveable condition of the house and it’s surrounding environment (infested with rats, rubbish at lift landings and urination by old uncles around the estate which I personally have seen before).

So, when he finally arrived at my door, I explained to him on my concerns.

What was his reply?

He didn’t reply to my question of course. (You can read the original post of the incident here)

Instead, he turned to one of the people behind him signalling the guy to attend to me and he simply walked away.

Now, if you’re reading this, perhaps you’d say that this is an isolated incident at him snubbing me and perhaps it’s unfortunate of me. Well, I’d have agreed to that if I haven’t seen him snub several others in his other walkabouts that I used to follow when I was part of the Men In Blue.

I’m sorry but I certainly don’t think he deserves to be an Member of Parliament any longer because the estate where he’s in-charge of, looks like a slum and I don’t even think he’s aware of it because the only clean place in his estate is Block 30 where his PAP office is located at.

So, judging from your track record of your past 5 years, I don’t think you’re an MP who has a heart for the people.

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