PAP’s Failing Election Strategy

It’s 5 days to Polling Day and Singaporeans are definitely excited about putting that big cross in the box as many have never had the chance to vote before.

In the lead up to the polls, one GRC which looks almost certain to go to the opposition is Aljunied GRC helmed by PAP’s George Yeo. During this period of rallies, members of the PAP who hold office positions in Singapore’s cabinet has gone to defend George Yeo, attack Aljunied voters and undermined the opposition contesting there, WP.

The Aljunied voters have been emotionally blackmailed at a national level as PAP members go on the offensive by telling Aljunied voters that Singapore will lose a Foreign Minister and an upcoming Speaker of Parliament.

Further to that, PAP’s Lee Kuan Yew also stated that should Aljunied GRC go to WP, the Aljunied voters will have much to regret and repent as well and also stated that Aljunied voters are having a hard time to decide because the opposition has decided to contest there.

Shouldn’t the PAP instead do a reflection of itself should it lose?

Wouldn’t that be magnanimous in light of  lose to perform self-reflection, to re-look at what went wrong rather than to push the blame to others.

Statements made by the PAP on the Aljunied GRC electorate makes the PAP looks a lot like a party that forgot they had implemented a system which allows for the ‘Best Losers’ to still contribute to parliament via the NCMP scheme.

Are these NCMP schemes only meant for the opposition parties?

I’m sure PAP members would be able to fill the NCMP seats comfortably as well because all seats there are made of the same material by the same vendor and are in the same location.

But it seems like George Yeo and his team knows that they look very likely to lose and has decided to call on the boss, Lee Hsien Loong to come down with his team as well to woo voters just this morning.

Further from Aljunied GRC, the PAP has also took on issue with the SDP by undermining their credibility to be a Member of Parliament because one of their members has been speculated to be gay.

Didn’t PAP state once in Parliament that the sexual orientation of an individual shouldn’t be a yardstick of what the person is able to do? Perhaps, the PAP forgot that they once said that and has decided to distract voters from the real issues that is being addressed.

I’d strongly disagree with the PAP on this point because there are governments around the world which has proven that there are Members of Parliament who are gay but have been able to positively contribute to society. As long as they do not contravene the law, I don’t see why as voters, we should be bought in PAP’s condemnation of a good potential Member of Parliament who’s been accused of being a gay, Dr Vincent of SDP.

Gay Test

Gay Test

If PAP disapproves of a gay as a Member of Parliament, I question their ability to work well other international leaders who may be gay.

Would they then not be willing to work closer with them personally because they are gay?

This issue worry me much as someone who’s been said to be ‘gay-friendly’. Now, I’m not a gay but I do know and do have many friends who are gay.

If the PAP really disapproves of gays as Members of Parliament, it is also perhaps a strong indication that they have an issue with gays working in government organisations and we could probably see many people in the civil service unemployed because of the pressures in the office – especially if the gays are holding high level positions and work closely with Ministers who are PAP members.

I hope that Singaporeans realise that PAP’s unwillingness to have a gay in parliament could also lead to anti-gay policies in Singapore. If this does happen, Singapore would no doubt lose a significant number of smart and good Singaporeans. This would also affect population and employment and also eventually, result in more foreigners being brought in to occupy jobs left behind by people affected by these policies because they feel undermined.

As a Muslim, it is widely understood that it is prohibited to be a gay but who are we as humans to judge another. One also needs to remember that no one was ever perfect and we’re constantly on the road to searching ourselves and in the journey, we probably discover certain traits about ourselves. Eventually, we all want to be accepted.

This election, I think we can clearly see what the PAP will do when it’s being put under pressure – lack of tact (low EQ) and not able to address issues directly (distracting voters).

5 thoughts on “PAP’s Failing Election Strategy

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  2. Hey,

    Just wanted provide a slight info nugget. According to the constitution of Singapore last amended before the 2011 GE:
    “39. —(1) Parliament shall consist of —
    (b) such other Members, not exceeding 9 in number, who shall be known as non-constituency Members, as the Legislature may provide in any law relating to Parliamentary elections to ensure the representation in Parliament of a minimum number of Members from a political party or parties not forming the Government”

    So to answer your question “Are these NCMP schemes only meant for the opposition parties?” …. yeah. But I agree that the NCMP/GRC/SMC/NMP system is flawed on MANY levels.


  3. Heard that the PAP is supremely confident of victory. With the exception of Aljunied, they have put down the deposits for the victory celebrations of yet another 5 good years !

    In the off chance than George and Co somehow survive, they have even made contingency plans for extra tables at the Marine Parade celebration.


  4. First, Mr Balakrishnan only asked SDP’s agenda reagarding gays. In a mature democracy, this is a legitimate question. The party thusly queried need only state their agenda and move on. Instead, the way the SDP responded reminds me of the star footballer who upon being gamely challgenged in the pentalty box takes a theatrical dive onto the ground , rolls furiously and immediately jumps up crying foul. The moment he knows he has caught the referees’ attention, he immediately falls to the ground feigning injury( smear tactics in SDP-speak). That there are referees like you does not help the situation.

    Mr Balakrishnan’s does not raise an issue about Vincent’s sexual orientation but about the SDP’s agenda. It is disingenuous of you to say that Vincent’s sexual orientation is the issue. Obviously, SDP’s lame bird tactic has had the desired effect and throngs of witless have fallen over themselves in the mad rush to express sympathy….

    Second, as a voter in the Aljuneid GRC myself, I agree that the the PAP team is the underdog. I can speak only for my negihborhood, the feeling of an opposition victory is palpable this time. George Yeo and team has done a superfluous job as representatives of our ward and I will be sad to see them go. In a democracy, the people have the final word and we should abide by it. Moreover, I will welcome the opposition members with open arms and make their quick integration into our community painless and smooth. After all, I think both sides have the people’s interest at heart. What I take offense at is with people who frivolously lionize one side and demonize the other(no need to point fingers here). I find this the height of puerility and as much as it is their right to behave this way, it is my right to comment thusly.

    I hope we all exercise our vote judiciously and whatever the results, remain undivided in our quest for a better Singapore.


  5. Oh and another thing, I thought it quite funny that after a long judgemental missive about the PAP, you closed off with a conciliatory paragraph about not judging others on this road of self discovery( sorry, but I can’t wax poetic as well as you). Live long and prosper.


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