Singapore’s Hidden Cheerleaders Found At General Elections Nomination Day




Dear Singaporeans,

As of 1pm today, Singapore will be experiencing THE MOST dramatic moments in it’s history in the coming 9 days. History is in the making. No doubt about that.

Elections has officially kicked off with the first 5 seats going to Tanjong Pagar GRC, a walkover because the opposing team from SDA were 35 seconds late to submit their nomination forms.

Rather subjective since the time you see could be different from the time they had but regardless, even with PAP’s initial new candidate, Steve Tan, pulling out last minute this morning, PAP still managed to win, uncontested and Lee Kuan Yew remains as Minister Mentor.

But here’s the grouse that has been brewing on the ground for years – GrassRoots Constituency or GRC.

It has been made clear and evident now that the GRC system allows untested and unheard of candidates to get into parliament without the need to be seen by virtue of the coattails of heavyweight Ministers. A nobody yesterday and today, a Member of Parliament by 12pm – Dr Chia Shi Lu.

Moving ahead, the General Elections also allows you to identify potential cheerleaders for cheerleading competitions.

At Tao Nan School where I had attended, as many of you would have correctly guessed by now considering that I appeared in the news, ‘Live’ of which you can watch the clip below..

The weather there was HOT and HOT and HOT but the entertainment and wait there was worth the while.

Abdillah Zamzuri at GE 2011's Nomination Day

Abdillah Zamzuri at GE 2011's Nomination Day

The PAP supporters, mostly made up of retirees and People’s Association grassroots leaders (some of which I recognised) came in such huge numbers of about 300 people. They carried with them banners and placards as well as rolled-up flags. Decked in traditional all-white, I was informed by a source that they were handed out their party t-shirt just a few days before Nomination Day.

PAP's Ageing Supporters

PAP's Ageing Supporters

On the opposing faction were supporters from the NSP, SPP and WP who decided to stick together and take shade at a strategic spot just behind the PAP supporters. WP supporters came in their traditional blue and carried with them WP umbrellas. Smart move since, umbrellas would give them shade in either rain or shine and since it bears the party logo, it also doubles up as a flag! No need to wave to show.. Twirl would be more appropriate!

Worker's Party Creative Innovation

Worker's Party Creative Innovation

Back to the cheers!

I’m guessing that since the PAP supporters ade made up of old retirees, they couldn’t retaliate much to the opposing faction or cheer as much. Whenever the PAP supporters begin shouting, “Majulah!”, the opposing faction would either reply, “Dunno what to say!” or “Kate Spade”. No doubt, I was having a good laugh just standing there listening to how adults were cheering against one another.

When “Majulah” didn’t work for the PAP supporters, they changed it to “PAP!” but even then, the opposing faction had a reply for that, “Down 20!”, making reference to what would happen to you if you were serving National Service.

PAP supporters were just left silenced after the opposing faction’s replies and never chanted PAP slogans until their candidates appeared to address them.

If this was a cheerleading competition, PAP would have won in numbers (as how they are always known for) but would have lost to NSP, WP and SPP for intellect and creativity.

However, I’m sure that the NSP, WP and SPP would like to convert their intellect and creativity and convert them into numbers by drawing out the younger voters from the PAP since it looks very sure that the old retirees aren’t going to shift camp just yet.

With 82 out of 87 seats being contested, this will no doubt be an absolutely thrilling election and one to watch out for.

Question is: “Who’ll be receiving lawsuits after this General Election?”

3 thoughts on “Singapore’s Hidden Cheerleaders Found At General Elections Nomination Day

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  2. Yes i was there too. We had a good time – all 3 opposition parties united in cheering for each other and against the lightning party. You were right about the creativity. The “Kate Spade, Kate Spade” and the “PAP – I dunno what to say” cheers were spontaneously created but effective and humourous. Maybe opposition supporters in other constituency can continue to hijack PAP cheers with the “PAP – I dunno what to say”. GCT and gang looked rattled.


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