My Manifesto For Singapore – Magnifest-OH!

We’ve been reading a lot about manifestos by the different political parties contesting in the upcoming General Elections. Whilst we’re all interested in what those manifestos can translate into should those parties get into parliament, we all want a better life for Singaporeans of all ages and abilities.

For myself, I have also drafted my very own manifesto.

I call it “Magnifest-OH!”


  • Class sizes to be between 6 – 10 students for every 1 teacher for Kindergartens
  • Class sizes to be between 12-15 students for every 1 teacher for Secondary Schools
  • Class sizes to be between 8 – 12 students for every 1 teacher for Primary Schools
  • Identification of students abilities to be matched with teachers abilities
  • Bigger allocation of spaces to citizens in Institutes of Higher Learning based on Personality and Results match
  • Teachers to be given bigger responsibility and focus to improve on teaching methods rather than on CCA
  • Specialised trainers under MOE’s payroll to be engaged to manage CCA activities in schools (job creation)
  • Each school to have a programme designed to meet different level of learning abilities
  • Revamp in National Education to include understanding of governmental systems and constitutional rights
  • New HDB units to be sold at a percentage cost above the Cost Price of building the HDB inclusive of land price divided by the number of units to Singaporeans
  • New HDB units to be sold at 100% above the Cost Price of building the HDB inclusive of land price divided by the number of units to Permanent Residents
  • Permanent Residents need to hold the HDB home for a minimum period of 10 years. Sale of the unit before the 10 year period is up will result in forfeiture of the percentage above cost (Sold after 5 years, 50% of purchased price will be returned)
  • Current HDB units will no longer be valued against homes (private and public), devalued price changes will be reimbursed with an upgrade/renovation service to the home to ensure the home remains Safe and Attractive to live in.
  • GLCs will be tasked to mentor up to 3 SMEs in the relevant industry over a period of 3 years
  • Local contracts awarded to GLCs will require them to work together with an SME in delivering the contract
  • Local contracts awarded to SMEs will require them to work together with a GLC in delivering the contract
  • Foreign workers will only be employed into industry and positions that aren’t currently filled up yet by Singaporeans
  • High positions currently filled by foreign workers will be replaced with locals through a job shadow/mentoring programme to ensure that locals will be able to ascertain the Skills, Knowledge and Abilities to take on the role.
Standard/Cost of Living
  • To bring the standard of living amongst all Singaporeans to a minimum of High-Middle Income
  • To first assess on median amount required to live comfortably in accordance to size of household
  • To implement policies to ensure that the household is able to meet that amount through subsidies as well as a tracking of progress through a dedicated team of social workers
  • Higher taxes for alcohol and cigarettes
  • Tiered GST in accordance to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Lowest tier 3%. Middle tier 5%, Highest tier 7%.
  • Government companies/schools to ensure that there is a time alloted to allow employees/students to perform various forms of exercise (eye, physical, mental) for better productivity and health.
  • Resident programme for old folks living alone in rental homes to ensure their physical and mental health is well-looked after.
  • Educational health programmes/talks to allow greater understanding of psychiatric illnesses to employers.
  • Tiered taxes on warded patients. Private hospitals/Ward A/ Foreigners will be subjected to higher taxes (15%). Ward B patients taxed at 7% and Ward C patients taxed at 3%.
  • Taxes will be used as subsidy for lower income/poor patients.
  • Number of cars to be allowed on the roads to be tightly regulated to ensure that there will be ease of congestion on the roads
  • Tiered subsidy to public transportation. FREE for poor, heavily subsidised for low and middle income households.

4 thoughts on “My Manifesto For Singapore – Magnifest-OH!

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  3. While you’re at it, why not a box of Krispy Krackers to every household under the 73rd percentile in median household income, a year’s membership for foot reflexology to all the tired & hungry, a 60% discount ( GST waived ) to the spanking new Train-X treadmill for the old and infirmed??!!

    I’m sorry but when I read your shopping list to my friends there was at first a stunned silence before the whole table erupted in apoplectic laughter. Then everyone started talking at the same time but I could catch a few words. Here are some of the more printable ones.
    “Impractical”, “unenforceable”, “empty the Treasury”, “ballooning deficit”, ” expect higher income tax” . I kid you not, but someone actually mentioned that escapees from the mental institute might be responsible for the proposals.


  4. My point to it all is that it is easy to make quixotic proposals. It will definitely earn you brownie points with your audience , a la opposition style. Fleshing out your ideas will prove altogether more insurmountable. It is in this fleshing out that the men are separated from the boys.

    Take your economic proposals for example. I am a small business owner in an engineering company. If you came to Jurong and threw a stone in any direction, you would in all probability hit a company that has hit its foreiegn worker ceiling, has advertised for Singapore workers the last 6 mths with little or no response, and if there was a response a letter of offer was sent to the the first person who did not look like a serial killer! In a word, desparation. I am taking no poetic license in my description here!

    With fresh policy overhang now in terms of new foreigners, due in no small part to demagogues like you, I can forget expanding but should instead start thinking about downsizing …

    Foreign worker quotas have been falling long before it was an election issue, either work permit or S-pass holders. Quite a few of your proposals would also add horrific costs to businesses just to implement some of your ideas. You make so many assumptions that just don’t hold true in the real world that I don’t even know where to begin picking them out ?

    Take the time to think how your ideas are to be implemented. A tiered GST system ?! If you were a customs officer, you would know that the list of tradeable goods & services is frighteningly long. You now will have to appoint an independent body to go through each and EVERY one of those items and decide which belongs to which. Worse still, everyone’s interpretation of a hierarchy of needs is different. Getting consensus would not be easily forthcoming. Care to volunteer your services to this task of epic proportions?


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