More Good In Workers Party Manifesto

You’ve been hearing PAP candidates, especially so those with Ministerial portfolios stepping up to question the integrity and feasibility of implementing the opposition’s manisfesto.

For those of us who aren’t updated with the manisfestos, I’d say, don’t just read from the news what the Ministers are saying because they will only address issues with which they can take a poke at. Under scrutiny especially is the Worker’s Party manifesto whereby the mainstream media (Straits Times and ChannelNews Asia) has tried to build interest in to deter the attention from the positivities of Worker’s Party manifesto.

Haven’t you tried to question yourself why the PAP candidates don’t try to talk about how good the other party’s manifesto are or perhaps how they’d like to try to implement certain portions of the candidates manifesto because they are good for Singaporeans.

Workers Party

Workers Party


Workers Party has suggested that any amendments to be made to the constitution should be sent to a Select Committee comprising of Members of Parliament from various political parties.

This is of course how changes to the constitution should be because it would then mean that the change would have been debated by various brains and minds before it can come to a middle point whereby all parties can agree on or live with.

Elections & Parliament

Workers Party proposes that the parliamentary elections not be organized by the Prime Minister’s Office. Instead, an independent election commission that reports directly to the Chief Justice should be implemented to ensure neutrality. The electoral boundaries should also be redrawn an independent election commission who will have to explain the reasons for the redrawing of the boundaries, open to public scrutiny.

What can I say? This is a no brainer. As long as parliamentary elections is organized by the Prime Minister’s Office and the electoral boundaries are redrawn by a committee selected by the Prime Minister said to be ‘independent’, it will always be biased towards the party that the Prime Minister supports.


Workers Party proposes for the Ministerial remunerations be benchmarked against political office of developed countries, taking into account the benefits  and Ministers need to declare all their assets to the public, before, during and after office.

Whilst I agree with the latter’s suggestion to benchmark remunerations against political office of developed countries to ensure that our Ministers are not overpaid, I’m not comfortable to have Ministers to declare all assets. This would include personal assets and allows the public to scrutinize how poor or rich the Minister is. I would agree though that the Minister would need to declare the vested interests that they already have as this may have detrimental effects to society. They need to declare as how Civil Servants need to declare, but their’s need to be made public.

Civil Liberties

Abolish Internal Security Act. Public Order Act to be reviewed to allow peaceful demonstrations having been given permit by the Police, this of course after it is deemed to be of minimum disruption to traffic.

Need I say more on this? AGREED

Economic Policy

WP proposes that the economic environment here be made more entrepreneurial amongst students, sending students on exchange programmes to learn more on it. They are also proposing that GLCs invest in SMEs to help them grow.

This is no doubt a good suggestion, especially that of the students to be made more entrepreneurial since most Singapore students eventually look for ‘safe’ job options. With regards to GLCs helping SMEs to grow, if GLCs are willing to do that, we’ll need GLCs that have the interest of local businesses and aren’t occupied with making money for themselves. GLCs which are of more of a social enterprise would perhaps address this issue.


Abolish the GRC. Community Clubs should provide amenities and services, disseminate information and gather feedback on government’s policies. CCs should be non-partisan and the management committee, elected by a localised election.

I agree that the GRC should be abolished. This then allows the committees in the individual CCs to work with any CCs they’d like to. Providing amenities and services is a no brainer MUST and I agree with the dissemination of information and gathering feedback on government’s policies. I also agree that CCs should be non-partisan and this can only be achieved if the Chairman of the People’s Association is not the Prime Minister. I like the idea of a localised election, it helps to get people involved in politics early on but how many people would be interested to partake.


Reduction of class sizes in primary and secondary to 20 students. Curriculum on National Education should be reviewed to incorporate lessons on constitutions, system of a parliamentary democracy and rights of being a citizen.

AGREE.AGREE.AGREE. As an educator myself, I’d prefer for class sizes to be reduced to 15 actually. National Education curriculum definitely needs to educate our young on the constitution and what a parliamentary democracy is. This ensures the young to be politically aware and involved. However, this subject might be boring but of course, with drama elements injected, this can no doubt be a fun subject to study.

Those are just some of the highlights of the Workers Party manifesto and wouldn’t you agree with me that there’s more good in there as compared to the one particular policy that PAP keeps harping on.

My thoughts on it is simple, PAP simply doesn’t want to address the rest of the issues that WP has address which will benefit Singaporeans in general but instead prefers to focus on the hot topic issue of public housing by calling bluff on WP’s public housing policy.

To read more on their manifesto, click here.

4 thoughts on “More Good In Workers Party Manifesto

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  2. What citizens would like to be heard during election rally?
    1) Housing price : the price of housing should be set at a price according to the cost it built plus extra 10%.Citizens who bought from HDB only can sell back to HDB at the price they bought.The HDB can in turn sold the flat to single Singaporeans at the price they bought plus 20% more.PR will be 100% more.For foreign buyers will be 200% more.This way will prevent citizens resold their flat & profiteering.

    2)Jobs : 1.5 million foreign workers in our little red dot are too many.Jobs that Singaporeans shunned ,the levy should be reduced to $150/mth.Foreign PMET & PR ,their employee & employer cpf contribution should be adjust to same as Singaporeans.Else the employer will prefer the cheaper PR & foreign PMET.Maid levy should be reduced to $150/mth.Those employed 2nd maid will need to pay $300/mth,3rd maid ,$450/mth.
    3) Health care:Medisave should allowed for 100% outpatient claim.Presently,medisave can only be used if bill is exceed $35.This has caused a lot of unemployed/retirees shunned from seeing doctor to save hard cash.In the end,their illness become serious that need hospitalization.Medicine for high blood,diabetes should be sold at any pharmacy without prescription to reduce long Q in polyclinics & charges for each blood pressure check.Countries like US,Thailand,Malaysia already done it,why our elite can’t think of that?
    4)Influx of foreign workers:Foreign workers should be reduced to less than 1 million .Too many foreigner hv caused congested in trains,buses,shopping centres….Some hv committed crimes and tarnished Singapore reputation.Last year, a china girl was raped by her own country man.When the reporter interviewed her.She said.”I thought Singapore is a safe place.But now I don’t dare to step in Singapore anymore.”She was raped by her own country man,but put the blame on Singapore security.
    5) Transportation: Malaysian registered vehicle/motor cycle enter Singapore should be charged a daily fee of $5per car or $2 per motor cycle.This will encourage them to take public transport.These will reduced pollution and congestion at causeway.
    6)Cost of living :New town should built wet market & hawker centres.In this way ,food price will be competitive.Of course,the government should lower the rental so they are able to sell cheaper.
    Increase the tax on tobacco and alchohol drinks.These will discourage more people to quit drinkings or smoking.
    Increase entrance fee for casino to $200.But allowed Singaporeans & PR free entrance once a year to enter casino to fulfill their curiosity.
    7)Abolish GRC: The PM said GRC was created to ensure there’s minority voices in parliament.If the elected minority got talent and good,citizens will vote him in.If he is just a Yes man ,even he/she enter parliament he still won’t voice their community needs.
    8) YOG issue : The over budget on YOG is a laughing stock for all Singaporeans.With those high paid elites,the cost can go up more than 200% is unacceptable.Singapore is not well prepared for YOG,but the elites insist we organise YOG .In the end.a lot of things screw up.Flags bearers don’t know where to walk,food posioning,small portion of food for volunteers,faked signature certificates,expired F1 tickets…..

    Last but not least,wishing WP win at least a GRC & more than one SMC.


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