Things To Do For The General Elections

The most happening dates that all R(A) eligible Singaporeans have been waiting for has finally arrived!!

It’s not the release of a new R(A) movie but it’s one that’s so R(A), you know it’ll bag any other awards available at Star Search or Pesta Perdana because it’s POLITICS and in politics, everything is REALLY DRAMATIC and it’s the essence behind every drama serial you watch performed on television!!!

Nomination Day has been slated for 27th April 2011, Wednesday.

Polling Day will be on 7th May 2011, Saturday.

Cooling Day will be on 6th May 2011, Friday.

Singapore’s President, S.R Nathan has dissolved Parliament on the advice of Singapore’s PM, Lee Hsien Loong earlier today (has any President ever not listened to the advice during their term in office?) and issued a writ of election.

With that, Singapore is now under Martial Law with the Singapore Police Force keeping the peace and the Singapore Armed Forces as the main controller. If the SAF decides to take over Singapore now, this would be the best period since they’re now in-charge!

So, what’s going to be interesting from this day onwards?

Something like this perhaps?

1 – Workers Party will introduce their candidates from tomorrow onwards. (They’re playing it very well to ensure that the public and PAP won’t have much opportunity to critique their slate of candidates since they need to focus on their own election campaigns. This helps the Workers Party a lot because they’ve been running on the ground the past months)

2 – Ministers from the PAP will dish out several national plans for the coming 5 years over the days of campaigning. (This is to distract voters from what the opposition is saying to you because these national plans will be huge and no doubt, beneficial for all. It only sucks because the timing is during campaigning. My take on this, DON’T READ THE PAPERS because the cover spread will be filled with those PAP national plans)

3 – Political parties will try to ensure that opposing parties have made mistakes in their submission of nomination forms on Nomination Day at the Elections Department on 27th April 2011 between 11am to 12noon. (Mistakes in nomination forms means, some parties will be entitled to instant walkovers without even the need for campaigning)

4 – We’ll be hearing from ‘concerned citizens’ in the papers and radios questioning the viability of our opposition candidates. (This is a purely PR strategy to bring down the legitimacy and authority of candidates)

5 – You’ll see lots of ‘undercover’ police officers roaming the rallies!! (Need to keep peace mahh.. any potential troublemaker sure kena rounded up!! That might include me also?)

I’m not sure what else could be in store but as much as the government had passed the legislation to allow use of the internet for campaigning, I’m quite sure some form of policing work will be done. Past intecedent should be of sufficient evidence right? (Think of Lianhe Wanbao, YOG comments and TOC)

But here’s what I think.

This year’s election will be decided on several platforms which should be done in the following order, if you’re voting.

  1. Attend as many rallies as you can!
  2. Get involved in discussion of what you heard at rallies online. Diverse views will give you much better idea on what was being informed cause some people can read between the lines better than others.
  3. Read less of the Straits Times. What you see on the main page will distract you from the main issue on hand.
To end.. how about a thought about this..
Qns: “Why was the parliament dissolved?”
Ans: “To find a solution!”

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