Should the world end..

Have you ever wondered, what if the world or you ends tonight and you discover that the religion that you have been professing your faith to wasn’t the truth? That you have been duped all your life along with million others who have faithfully pledged their lives to the teachings of the religion with hope that when the world ends or when you die, you shall be promised of garden and eternal life.

What if?

Religion has been haunting my mind ever so often this year and I’m not sure why either. I’ve often found myself in doubt and I seek answers from god through my mandatory five-times a day prayers. Answers don’t come in literal form nor does it come in scriptures or revelations as how the prophets in the ‘Torah, Bible and Quran’ do.

Answers as how I’ve learnt, come in lessons and/or experiences and often, only through patience do you find the answers.

But what about answers to the questions that I’ve had in me for the longest time?

Some questions have been with me for as long as I’ve lived and understood my religion itself – Islam. The very fundamental question that NO MUSLIM is ever allowed to ask, is the very question that I’ve been asking in my prayers and to others as well as myself – “If we learn that everything exists through a cycle, what about the one who creates?”

YES, I’ve sinned by asking this very question but it’s the same question I’ve been asking of myself since the day I understood what religion was and that would be more than 20 years ago.

As much as I know that asking such a question is taboo, but I also like to draw from the fact that we were taught to seek knowledge and to seek knowledge is to ask and be doubtful. No teacher would ever teach you and never forget to ask, “Does anyone have any question?” Similarly here, HE is the teacher and I am the student and who else can I ask of this other than HIM.

Unfortunately, that question may never be answered in this lifetime.

I’m not even sure if that question will ever be answered even because how sure can one really be then that a religion actually is supposed to exist in the first place?

We’ve got scriptures dating back to the time when mankind first appeared on earth – Adam and Eve and the lessons that has been taught through history. Perhaps, at this juncture in our lifetime, it is wiser to just reflect on the experience of others through historical scriptures in the holy books and belief in them?


Perhaps being a ‘Scientologist’ would bring about the truth?


Life is just full of never ending questions with no direct answers.

Well, let’s just wait and see if the world is to end anytime soon or 21.12.2012 as how Nostradamus and Mayans have predicted.

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