Remembering Tokyo, Japan

It has been weeks since I last blogged due to my busy schedule but in recent days, I’ve been inspired to blog and share a little on recent events.

The lady says that they thought they were watching a movie. That same statement was made when 9-11 happened except this time, it is an act of god not by human.

The devastation that has struck Tokyo, Japan has shaken me somehow as I worry over my friends and host family there. Although it has been more than 3 years since I left Japan, I feel a strong sense of connection with that country having also stayed in another earthquake hit city previously, Kobe.

It took Kobe city 12 years to rebuild their city and their lives and recounting the experiences of those who survived, I cannot imagine how my friends living there are managing it. We haven’t spoke in months but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t been in my heart and mind.

The 8.9 magnitude earthquake, the biggest to have hit Japan in 100 years was so powerful that the island has shifted by 2.4metres.

There’s also the major concern now that the nuclear reactor in Fukushima has begun to fail. Prime Minister Naoto Kan has requested for people living in within a 20km radius to evacuate, if that should happen to Singapore, we’ll all have to leave the country because it’s safer to do so than to remain here.

One of the most worrying situation for me at the moment is how there’s the hospital with 300 people stuck there. Unable to do anything, they can only hope that help reaches them and my prayers are certainly with them.

Honestly, my heart goes out to Japan and I’m happy to know that assistance is pouring in from all over the world. I certainly do feel like crying everytime I watch the news report on television.

With such disasters coming ever so frequently in the world today, I hope that the world can put aside political and economic aspirations aside to instead focus on appreciating life.

In particular, I plead to the United States and Israel to stop conspiring for their New World Order ambitions.

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