Steps to Writing Well Creatively

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes

I love writing, these days, it’s referred to as typing.

It’s a form of expression.

For what I cannot express in body, I do so in print and writing is one of the best ways I know how to which can reach the masses using this platform (blog) since trying to stage a performance would require an enormous amount of funds, manpower and energy – not forgetting licenses and changes to the script.

And I’ve often been asked the question, ‘How do you write like that?’

I don’t quite understand what that really means but I assume it’s the ability to dissect or discuss topics and make it conceivable for the general mass to understand.

So, here are just some of my tips to writing well creatively.


What do I mean by feel?

You’d want to be writing about something that can get you to turn your mouth and fingers into diarrhea mode because when that happens, you just can’t stop.

If you can feel emotionally strong about a particular topic, you’d be able to write in length about it.


Why understand?

How can you write about something that you don’t understand?

You’d want to write something and be able to defend what you write and that ultimately means, the second step process at which you need to know how to defend what you want to say is to understand it.

The internet provides multiple sources of information for you to seek knowledge. Choose which one suits you best.

You don’t want to come off as stupid.


Your Mind Map?

Your Mind Map?

Before you begin writing, it’s important that you list down the topics that you want to discuss about.

Jot them down on paper first. Then take a step back and look at how you want your contents to be organized.

Your discussion should have a smooth flow from the start to the end and possibly with a bit of a twist and humour (if you’re into audience entertainment).


Once you’ve done your planning, getting your draft done will be a breeze.

You’ll just get a diarrhea once you get in the ‘zone’.

It’s the same when you’re in the toilet.

Once you’re on the toilet seat, seated and you’ve gotten your first squeeze out, the rest is Woohoo!


You’re done with your drafts.

Last thing you’d need to do, is to do a re-read of your entire writing to ensure that you’re satisfied with how the feel and turnout will appear to your appealed audience.

It’s like you’re done with your toilet business and you’re done cleaning yourself. Before you really really leave, I’m sure you’ll do a final check on yourself and final check to make sure you flushed right?

(I hope you do!)

And the most important part of all to galvanise the whole concept of writing is, the principle that I have when I write – to remove or replace jargons with words simple enough for everyone to understand.

I wouldn’t want to bore my readers with jargons that sounds so alien, it turns them off and stops reading. If there really isn’t any other word that can be replaced, then jargons shall be included.

If you’re really interested to learn more about how to write, drop me an email or reach me through my twitter account.

You’ve got to pay of course, I don’t work for free.. not yet, at least 🙂

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