Losing My Religion

How much do you believe in God?

Earlier, I was engaged in an extremely stimulating debate with a fellow ‘sceptic’ about our very own religion, Islam.

This was after we watched the movie, ‘The Rite’, my first movie in months.

It was a simple movie on exorcism but the focus was a lot on how someone who lost his belief in god, had gone on a journey which eventually brought him to the Devil who played a prominent role in drawing his belief back to God.

With that, I found myself asking what does it take to belief in God and does believing in God suffice so much so that there’s no need to profess a belief for any particular faith? And perhaps, what was God’s intention to create a religion?

I’ll just take for example Islam.

In Islam, you’re not allowed to question the existence of God and by professing your faith to God, you shall submit to him and perform all duties as instructed by God.

Moving forth, in Islam, you’re encouraged to seek knowledge and with knowledge, you form opinions and begin to question to seek answers because how else do you build upon your mental capacity other than through discourse and debate.

But who do you debate with when it comes to the issue of God other than God himself?

And how do you engage a debate with God when all you’re asked to do is to submit and not question?

Hence, IF God was human, he’d be a Dictator because there’s no democracy in religion. There’s only the ‘Top to Down’ approach and in that sense, I’m still pleased to be human.

And then, there’s also the question of the ever-popular, ‘Believers vs Unbelievers’.

What then happens to individuals who have never been taught of religion like Islam other than those of their ancestors?

Are they then cast to ‘Hell’ (if it exists), because they don’t ‘Belief’ in Islam since they’ve never even heard of it.

It’s unfair of me to ask of such questions to fellow Ustazs because I’m not even sure if they’d be able or allowed to answer questions which may cause them to shake their belief in God but who else is there right?

But here’s a good one to think about.

Prophet Jesus/Isa loved to question a lot and through Quranic scriptures, we’ve been told that Prophet Jesus/Isa didn’t die of being crucifix, he was ‘exchanged’ by another individual who looked exactly like him.

That means, Prophet Jesus/Isa never passed away and is currently up in heaven somewhere.

I’d imagine him having an argument with Prophet Muhammad which would go something like this:

Prophet Muhammad: “See la! You question so much! Now my followers are doubting themselves and the religion I preach”

Prophet Jesus/Isa: “Eh! I was just seeking answers to my questions and doubts! Not my fault what they get so curious to keep asking so many questions”

Prophet Muhammad: “How to save them on judgement day like that? Ask so many questions!”

Prophet Jesus/Isa: “You haven’t used up your prayers yet what! Anyway, you promised that you’d pray for all your followers to be forgiven of their sins so that they can go to heaven, right”

Prophet Muhammad: “Yah lah! But, that prayer is last kopek seh! How to give them last warning ah?”

So yeah, that’s probably what I figured is happening in terrestrial world.

Anyways, just for general knowledge, there are 7 people in the world who look alike – that means, for every of us, there’s another 6 people on earth who look exactly like us.

And for the non-Muslims, Muslims have been told that Jesus/Isa will come down from Heaven in Judgement Day and stand alongside Imam Mahadi. And once that happens, we’ll all die.

If I do live long enough, do you think I still have a day to blog about this for all to read?

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