Electoral Shift In Power

With elections looming round the corner, the political scene in Singapore just gets even more interesting.

Aside from the ruling party’s traditional bait and hook approach of unveiling new developments for the next 5 years, your Lift Upgrading Programme in your blocks should have by now been completed or almost completed.

The government has also stopped dishing out Permanent Residency and Citizenships to foreigners like hotcakes, or if they have not, they will to have control over the data in order to appease the citizens.

You can also expect money to be dished out in the coming months as part of measures to cushion the rise in inflation. But how significant is your $300 compared to their million dollar paycheck which is supposed to deter corruption. Shouldn’t all government servants be paid similar salaries then regardless of rank since corruption doesn’t only happen at the top?

More than just that, the government has also clamped down on an online portal which serve as an alternative towards the much heavily controlled media. TheOnlineCitizen is one such blog/ website which has been issued a request to gazette itself as a political party.

This is a simple strategy adopted by the government in my opinion because to enforce the Internal Security Act on political establishments or groups that discuss politics is no relevant now that the government has professed it’s openess towards democracy. Using the ISA will only mean that the government is still in the dark ages when Singapore first started out and has not moved on from that stage.

Therefore, getting organisations who are actively involved in politics to be gazetted is the only means to have control and knowledge over who are the people involved in spearheading such movements. Makes it easier to search for when problems crops up later.

This is also of course to manage the impending problems they forsee to occur during rallying and election period since PM Lee has made it clear that politiking can be done online, hence the greater need over control of the more popular sites.

The upcoming elections will no doubt be one to look out for and one that may see a shift in support. PM Lee has more to worry about now that his father, MM Lee has stepped out to make comments which have been insensitive to many.

MM Lee’s comments resonates the point that Islam is a hindrance towards national integration and has belittled the mental capacity and academic ability of gardeners who’s children have lesser brains to make it in life as graduates because the home environment doesn’t have books to feed the knowledge the child needs.

Interesting how MM Lee mentioned about Islam being a hindrance to national integration as a result of his past experience with his older minister, Othman Wok, who used to drink beer with him. He probably no longer has any more Muslim kakis to drink alcohol with and hence, says that that is indeed a hindrance to national integration.

It’s a really funny episode too since such an incident would have perhaps have encouraged Muslim Members of Parliament to speak up for the Muslims whom they represent, the very scope of their job and reason why they were voted in, in the first place.

The only organisation that has since spoken out on this issue is AMP, a non-government self-help group.

Well, who’s expecting government agencies to be speaking out against the government anyways. Backbone-less, as always thought, now sealed in cement.

But whatever the case of this episode, the upcoming elections will no doubt see a shift in power as I’m expecting lots of votes to swing the other way or perhaps for there to be plenty of spoilt votes to null the elections.

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