To Be Muslim or Not

The recent debacle of MM Lee’s insensitive remarks on Islam has received comments of varying degrees on the online world. The comments has also attracted comments from neighbouring countries, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Whilst there have been some support thrown behind MM Lee by Malaysian, Tan Sri Zainuddin, stating that MM Lee was requesting for Singapore Muslims to be progressive and dynamic.

Unfortunately, how does ‘progressive and dynamic’ fall under the context of ‘less strict on Islamic observances’ unless Tan Sri Zainuddin himself has been progressive and dynamic by being ‘less strict on Islamic observances’ as how one of his Ministers and his child had done – drinking beer, sleeping with women and having the photographs published all over.

Locally here in Singapore, it’s disappointing to note that none of the Malay Muslim Organisations, Malay Muslim Members of Parliament or MUIS, the Islamic religious body in Singapore, has stepped out to clarify or comment on this subject matter.

I’ve sent an email twice to MUIS without any response as yet.

Last I’ve heard from a contact there, was that, MUIS will not be making any public comment or replying to any queries related to this matter.

If MUIS doesn’t want to clarify or comment on this matter as the governing body for Islam in Singapore, who will then?

Who will then defend for Islam when it’s followers are being asked to be ‘less strict on observances’?

A statement asking Muslims to be patient and tolerant can no longer be entertained because it is a direct insult to the religion itself. It is then clearly evident that MMOs, MMPs and MUIS are mere puppets that have got no backbone of their own to speak up, even when an issue relating to their faith is being insulted.

And what more of the Islamic Scholars, Ustaz and Ustazahs whom we study and learn from? Those who were educated in University Al-Azhar and the likes of such prestigious Islamic Universities.

If such Universities had taught our dear scholars and religious leaders to accept insults and not give any sort of reaction back, be it in speech or in writing, then I honestly don’t think Islam is the religion that I want to be in for Islam is a religion whereby a subject is supposed to accept insults of such stature and perhaps prove it otherwise through ‘actions’?

I’ve never been quite the good Muslim but I do love this religion for what it is and I’ll defend it with whatever minute knowledge that I have.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the local Islamic Scholars, Ustaz and Ustazahs have that much belief in the knowledge that they have except for the fact of what they’ve been taught – that if you die a good Muslim, you’d go to heaven.

I don’t even know if that Heaven we’ve been told of is true and quite frankly, I don’t think I should be bothered about it because we’ll be judged for what we do whilst on earth. But in any case there truly is a heaven and the god is indeed the god that Muslims worship, then as god, I’d be so sad and disappointed that my subjects are not defending me when my teachings have been insulted.

If I was god, I’d just chuck all those who profess they love me but don’t defend me when push comes to shove to hell then cause you all ‘action only’. When the time comes, the guts all go missing and forget all that has been taught.

So, if there’s really a heaven and hell, then I’ll just wait for it when it comes but for now, I’m just defending something that I believe in and love.

At the end of the day, this situation just baffles me of how Singapore Muslim Leaders can just keep mum about it and perhaps adopt the traditional, wait and see approach.

Islam isn't a hindrance to national integration. MM Lee, apologise.


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