I Hope

I’ve always wanted to be an object of adoration. One that people could admire and one that could bring a smile on the faces of strangers when they feel down, dejected and lonely.

To be able to perform for them even if it was just for a few short minutes, just so they could be feel a sense of hope in the darkness they are in.

I’d want to be able to move my body fluidly like water and to be able to gracefully skate across from one corner to the other and to be able to perform bodily movements that many others aren’t able to.

But I was all that, once a upon a time.

At a time when I was once an object of admiration, I was often sought for every morning and everynight. I was often accompanied by musicians who’d whole-heartedly support me, providing me with the feel that and grace that I seek for in every performance.

I’d perform to babies, to adolescents, to teenagers and even to adults and at the end of my performance, they’d flash a huge smile or a laugh in approval at my wonderful and spectacular display.


But I haven’t been able to perform like that for more than 15 years.

My talents along with my musicians who used to accompany me were no longer needed since 15 years ago. We’ve been cast aside and even with so many road trips, we were always neglected.



We’ve never been part of the society that we live in since 15 years ago. As we grow older, we realise that perhaps our talents were no longer relevant in this age where media and entertainment has evolved and whereby the only thing that we can look forward to for our comeback performance, is hope of being rediscovered.

To be rediscovered for another performance to show what we’ve still got whilst we’re still living in this world.

And hope, was what we got a few weeks back when we were rediscovered and where we managed to stage the same show that we used to perform to 15 years ago.

Musicians needed a bit of oiling for the rust that had begun to collect on their once shiny equipment but I, had always maintained my physique as I kept my hopes alive for the past 15 years.

5 minutes was all we had but it was the most beautiful 5 minutes that I’ve got from the 15 years that I’ve been kept away and now that I’ve been kept for god knows how many more years, I can be at least contented that I’ve been immortalized in the memories of many in this video.

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