3rd Week, 2011

Calendar Tape

Calendar Tape

I love drama, I love acting;
Big Bad Wolf from kindergarten I think.
A compass for theatre;
I still can’t afford a kereta.

My phantom is all I have;
Insurance and Road Tax, Oh! Not enough money I swear.
My best friend lent me a few good bucks;
I thought I’d pay him back, but not so soon, I need to wait a bigger cheque.

I’m not sure what is wrong with speaking Singlish?
Isn’t that still some part of English.
I got ‘sacked’ for using it lah!
I couldn’t sit still, for hours I just kept going ARGH!

I’m meeting my ‘sacker’ in the office;
Well Hello, I do feel quite relieved, extra hours for my sleep.
More time to blog, that means sleep later at night;
It’s 12 on IKEA’s clock, can you feel it? It feels so tight.

Did you catch American Idol?
‘Chase Your Dreams’! Well, that’s what I’m doing, getting out of this twirl.
They call it the rat race;
There’s no rats, only humans in a money chase.

That wraps up my 3rd week of 2011,
It kinda sucked, but there’s still so many sevens.
I just discovered too, I might have OCD;
But naaahhh, I don’t believe it, I think.

Written by: Abdillah Zamzuri lah

Since I’m on a poetry hunt to provide to my class, I decided to just write one for myself as well.

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