Marriage Kills

What’s with women?

As I type this down, I’m having a conversation with a woman who’s confused about what’s happened to women these days. The stark transition in terms of their mental abilities before and after marriage is so vast that you can see the difference in how they blog.

She (the person I’m having a conversation with now) tells me that she used to read the blog of several women who had so much interesting topics to talk about until they post it on their blog that they are getting MARRIED.

The trend here is that the moment these bloggers announce they’re getting married, they start blogging about the preparations, the engagement and then the marriage itself.

What happens thereafter?

Marriage Death

Marriage Death

All these women can blog about is about marriage life. On how they tend to the husband, the kids, the house and whatever else that comes with the label – MARRIAGE. Of course, my dear friend here gets extremely bored out eventually because there’s no longer anything stimulating reading about how a married woman tends to the household. She can read it from her mom at home!

I’m guessing that the only topic these women should be blogging about when they get married is not about how they tend to the household but rather about how they serve their husband in bed! That should be something more stimulating to read than to be talking about, “Today, I decided to try cooking my husband’s favourite menu. It’s my first time trying. I hope he likes it” or “If you’re planning to get a washing detergent, don’t get (brand).. try this one! It works great!”

What’s so exciting about such stories?

I think if you talk something like, “I’ve got this new pair of Victoria Secret’s lingerie that I purchased to go with the toy I bought yesterday. My hubbie has been begging me for this and since it’s his birthday, I thought I’d give him a surprise!”. I think this would be something more exciting to read! Or if that’s too tough, how about, “My dearest has been working so hard this week, I thought that since he’s been so worked out, I’d give him something to help him relax. And so I worked my way down… “

That’s more exciting isn’t it?

I’m not sure myself why women disappear from the face of the online world after they settle down. Happened to someone in my life once too! Totally ‘pooof!’ after marriage.

Whoever I’m marrying if she’s got a blog, she better keep it updated with interesting stuff cause I’m gonna read!

I’ll just be clear on who I want to marry – “A Lady On The Streets, Freak In The Bed”.

Just before I end of, here’s a few great stuff to watch courtesy of Chris Rock! He’s talking about marriage!

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