The Cheater

I was thinking through about what to write about when my memory jogged me back to a conversation in a car that I had last night. A very simple word with very dire consequences attached to it – CHEATING.

What comes to your mind when the word ‘Cheating’ pops up?

Is it ‘Cheating’ on your current relationship?

Is it ‘Cheating’ in your examinations?

Or perhaps something else or maybe even nothing at all.

If you’re thinking of the former, then you have a lot on your mind about your past and current relationship that you are worried about. Chances are, you must have been cheated, have cheated or are being cheated or is cheating on someone right now.

Cheating Lesbian

Cheating Lesbian

If it’s true, then STOP whoever you’re cheating on and just tell the person to improve in some areas that’s lacking. If you’re being cheated, then go confront and ask, it could something that you’re lacking in. If you’re just worried about being cheated, then you jolly well find a way out of it cause otherwise, you’ll forever feel a sense of insecurity which may just lead to your relationship’s downfall.

I’d be lying if I said I’ve never cheated and so would everyone else be and so I’d confess that I’m indeed a cheater.


to defraud; swindle
to deceive; influence by fraud
to elude; deprive of something expected

Being a cheater doesn’t make or hasn’t made me any less of a saint. If anything, it has only made me more human. This is unlike how the local government sees it’s cream of the crop to be – CLEAN AND SAINT. No man is allowed to make a mistake before and during your term as a ‘Scholar’ and as a ‘Member of Parliament’.

So, even if you belong to the above category and you’ve cheated, you jolly well pray that no one decides to spill the beans on you and rat you out.

STARS Cheating

STARS Cheating

There have been many ways of cheating explored over the years but classic cheating examples during exams are perhaps what me and friends used to do.

The following examples are ways to cheat for a student and ways for a teacher to detect if you’re cheating.

Attempt Cheating At Your Own Risk

The Eraser

If you belong to the time when I was primary school in the early 90’s, you’d recall how your classmates would play ‘wrestling’ using erasers with country flags or just normal erasers.

Those very erasers also have another better functionality than to erase your mistakes, those erasers also serve their function to ensure you do not make mistakes in your exams!

Erasers are common in school and the best way to cheat is to pass the eraser to a friend nearby to write the answer on the eraser down! Best part of all, you get to erase that answer and have more answers replaced!

Works everytime for me!



The White Shoe

These days, I see that schools have relaxed rules and allow students to go to school in more colourful shoes or shoes with shades of colour reflective of their school’s colour.

For those of you who still wear white coloured shoes to school, I think you might want to stick to it because those shoes could help you cheat!

White coloured canvas shoes make the perfect cheating tool especially if you’re one that love to design. Design your shoes to look so funky with mathematical and accounting formulas! You’re bound to get away with a good score!

The Thigh

Unfortunately, this strategy only works for those of you who wear shorts and skirts to school. If you’re in long pants, forget it. Try figuring something else out using this strategy of SKIN.

Thigh Cheating

Thigh Cheating

Think about being smart with tattoos.

You don’t need to have a tiger or a dragon on you if you can’t pass your exams. What you need is a formula and solutions on your skin hidden underneath your uniform!

Draw those formulas and solutions on your thighs or anywhere else that can be concealed. No teacher is going to ask you to strip! If they do, spit on your hand and wipe your formulas away on your skin!

Perfect getaway!

Test Cheat

Test Cheat

I’ve got a few more tricks up my sleeve but I think I shouldn’t be sharing too much else I’d get blacklisted by parents for teaching their children how to cheat in schools!

But hey, i’m being transparent enough here to share to teachers as well.

Here’s my take on cheating, if you’re a student, don’t do it so blatantly that you get caught. If you’re a teacher, don’t purposely attack a student for what I’ve posted up. If you don’t catch the person doing it red handed, then it’s not an offence.

to defraud; swindle: He cheated her out of her inheritance.

to deceive; influence by fraud: He cheated us into believing him a hero.

to elude; deprive of something expected: He cheated the law by suicide.

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