Busy Bee

How’s your 2011 so far?

It’s only been a week into January and I’ve been so damn occupied that I haven’t had time to do a few things that is considered a must for me.

Busy Bee

Busy Bee


Just this week that i’ve missed and managed to catch the news, the only thing that caught my attention when I first tuned in for 30 minutes was the assasination in Pakistan.

I’ve no details or much information about that either since I don’t have time to watch considering I leave home early and reach home at 12am. No proper lunch and no dinner either till I get home. Even so, it’ll just be a slip shod dinner since all I want to do is get some rest from the long day.

Having said that, I enjoy this packed schedule I have right now since I’m having fun in the daytime either training adults or doing admin work and then later at night rehearsing for a show.

I just don’t enjoy not having good food and time to enjoy my food 😦

Nevertheless, just into the first week of 2011 and I’ve hit or will be hitting a few landmarks which I’ve been aiming at.

The first is of course conducting training for adults. It’s very different from how I usually conduct my drama sessions with children because with adults, it’s a lot more faster. It’s also very special to me because the training I was doing was to train a set of new trainers who’ll be joining me and a pool of trainers who will be out to reinvent the Malay Language! This is definitely something I look forward to this year. To be the pioneering batch of trainers/ teachers who’ll set the mark for the Malay Language into the history books.

The other is going on stage to perform a musical albeit a mini one. It’s even more special too since it’ll be a remake of Singapore’s popular musical, something that I grew up with watching on television and listening. Not going to share details about the show but it’s for a Dinner and Dance show for a company that I’m also doing training for.

Last but not least is how terrible my financial situation is as of the beginning of the year. Last year’s trip was perhaps over the budget considering I had two vacations in the same month when I didn’t have any work for the past 3 months! It’s so bad I tell you that my mobile line got suspended for a day until I called them to reinstate it after I made partial payment. Thanks to my brother though, managed to borrow some dough to clear the rest to ensure that my clients can still reach me. Personal finance is definitely something I need to work on. But i’ve had all my money depleted once due to a bad investment about 5 years ago, this is the second time. Nothing new, less scary too.

So, if there’s any of you kind soul who wish to donate to the ‘Save Abdillah Fund’, please do let me know.

Monetary donations most accepted!

But ‘In Kind’ donations also accepted!! 🙂

If donating in kind, well it should be something  I need right?

  1. My bike needs to be checked to extend road tax as well as insurance.

That’s it!

I just need the bike to go travel to work soon enough since I’ll be getting busy traveling between locations, so that’s about it lor!

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