Never Say Goodbye

The time has arrived where everyone probably starts counting on their achievements and failures for the year and set out new resolutions and targets for the new one.

What has 2010 brought for me?

As I recall what I did for 2010, I realise that 2010 has definitely been a much better year than the previous in more ways than one.

One thing’s for sure is that I definitely remained happy for most of my entire 2010 and I think that’s definitely a huge achievement and is surely one huge portion that I’d like to scaffold and build upon. 2011 should be a year whereby I get to laugh at myself more often no matter how dorky I am.

My network of friends and work relationships has also definitely grown in multitudes as well and that’s always a great thing because friends means lots of smiles and work means opportunities to make money.. $$$

Aside from the tangible items that can be counted, of which I fail miserably in terms of personal finances. The experience has definitely been worthwhile and as someone who’s had almost his entire savings depleted once before from a bad investment in 2006, I don’t think there’s anything else that can stop me from brooding too long over how much money I’m supposed to have. I just smile even when I see just $10 left in my bank!

But that aside, 2010 has also been a year whereby I made some fame through this blog as well. Incidentally through a blog post that catapulted my name into local news for all the wrong reasons. It’s something that I’m proud of because it’s something that I believed in. What’s more, I saved on advertising cost for a half spread page with a photo which many of my friends say looks good!

The turnout of that situation has also been positive!

What do I wish for in 2011?

I just want to build on what’s been good and bad in 2010. To improve on them, to be much happier, live fulfillingly everyday and make more money!

There’s also a new baby in my life now with the arrival of my niece and my latest beau, Elektra. It’s only been a week that I’ve been with Elektra but we’ve been making love everyday and night and damn she’s just simply electrifying!!

There was supposed to be something huge to look forward to this year but that has been postponed. I was supposed to get married this year but we decided to postpone it because we just don’t have the money! Plus my parents don’t believe that there’s a girl who wants to marry me although I’ve told them.

But anyways, if all else fails, I’ve already been offered the opportunity to be matchmade.

So, Hello 2011!!!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Plus since I’m on a Bruno Mars craze right now, here’s a number that I covered.

It sucks but who cares anyway!!

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