Ho Ho Ho!

The end of the year is approaching as we are almost in mid-December. How fast time flies and how much is there to be spent.

Those of you looking to make Christmas Shopping a pleasant one this year, I’m afraid it’s not going to be a breeze. Throngs of humans are packed at all shopping outlets, especially in the Orchard Road area where both local and foreign tourists are packing it to catch the beautiful colours of the night.

I was lucky enough to have survived the suffocating human traffic there and got a few lucky photos of the beautiful and expensive city we like to call ‘Fine City.

Lots of party acts in town too as street buskers take their trade out to earn a living and entertain the long and tiring stretch.

Enjoy the photos!

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But of course, walking down the streets of Orchard alone is boring if there’s no activity so the trio for the night headed out to hit some on the good ol’ game that was so popular when growing up in school.

Old Fella Taking The Shot

Old Fella Taking The Shot

Pfft… Not nice lah this shot.. Not me who take

The Boss

The Boss

I take for people so nice!

The Champ

The Champ

Winning shots some more use mobile phone!

I should get sponsored by mobile phone companies for using their phones to promote how good the photos and videos are!

I’m so not going overseas next year during this period. It’s the season to make money in my industry apparently.

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