A.S.S – Jet Setting Pungs

Pung – a sleigh with a boxlike body

Didn’t think you’d know what it is right?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any images of a pung. The most common image of a pung is that of a scrotum and here’s the best photo description of it that I could find.


Pung Fu!
Pung Fu!

Honestly, that has got to hurt man!

Anyways, my adventure is not about how I went in search for pung. I have one nice and intact and I have no intention of getting myself into such a situation as the guy in photo.

My adventure was to Punggol Jetty, hence the pun with the word ‘pung’. Let’s just jump right into it!

With that, we jump right into the car and head straight for our location. A short 5 minute drive out on the expressway and into Punggol. When we entered the long drive towards the jetty, we were told by Hyrul that there was an occassion whereby a huge Owl stopped in front of the car he was in. It was the biggest Owl he had ever seen he said, well, probably the only Owl he had ever seen too!

And because we didn’t want to be recording for too long on one video, here’s the continuation on how nearby the place really is to the jetty.

Once out, we were making a quick few rounds of checking around those cars to no avail but here’s the analysis of it.


Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters 2

Ghost Hunters 2

We didn’t find any ghosts that we were searching for but we did found these littered near the cars that were parked.

I bet that if you were do some tests on that, you’ll find semen stains on it!

We ventured deeper into path near the Outward Bound School area but never really discovered anything either until we spotted a great place where we believed could be the place where our residents were living in.


Entrance to Picnic Area

Entrance to Picnic Area

We ventured up a slope which had a great view above and I dare say that it’s a great spot to picnic during the day and night too. Probably an even better place to make out too since it’s got a great scenery.

Here are the few shots that we managed to take whilst up there.

A line of pocongs from far

A line of pocongs from far

This place up here though, felt a little bit different from the rest.

And with that, another fruitless adventure.

It’s probably a good conclusion right now that perhaps these ghosts find so much similarity in me that to appear before me would probably scare them more it’d scare me.

I’m going lost for ideas on where else to hunt for them.

Anyone has any suggestions for confirmed sightings?

3 thoughts on “A.S.S – Jet Setting Pungs

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  2. The more you find them, the more they won’t appear. My girl friend was depressed when she lost her pregnancy and loved to hang out at quiet places like the park near her void deck or the beach. A few times, she saw ‘things’ but she was too sad and strong-hearted at that time for these ‘things’ to scare her off. She would just walk away and these ‘things’ didn’t disturb her.


  3. Try camping out at the old cemetry at University Road. Remember to rub dog’s tears on your eyes before going. Your sighting chances should increase.


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