Servicing You


It’s a word with a lot of meanings attached to it such as;
– an act of helpful activity to
– the mating of a female animal to a male

That would be a great SERVICE when those two meanings are combined to form, ‘An act of helpful activity which involves the mating of a female animal to a male’

Incidentally, there is a profession for such great service everywhere in the world and it pays well too I heard. For such great service, you’d be expected to pay good money for it too but assured to leave home a satisfied customer which is why most service-related companies focus on value-adding.

Value-Adding is another huge portion towards the service industry and it is the responsibility of the company to educate its’ employees on how best to value-add to the already existing service. Reason being, to simply differentiate the company from another competitor and the only way best to be able to maximize on this leverage is through what is called, Empowerment.

That said, empowerment means putting the employee in a position to make decisions on behalf of the company which under the opinion of the employee, will benefit and help to build the company’s good image. That said, employees could also make wrong decisions which could be detrimental to the company especially for employees who aren’t pleased with the management.

Most times, such empowerments are given to employees in the service sector related to the Food & Beverage, Hotel and Travel industry. I’ve been in all these three sectors with a good time spent mostly in the Food & Beverage sector waiting tables at hotel dinners and pulling that ‘great’ espresso to go with the perfectly steamed milk for the latte or cappuccino.

It’s a profession I enjoyed which helped me meet lots of new people and pocket phone numbers. The people keep coming back to the establishment and to me, that’s value-adding for both the establishment and myself. Continued business for the establishment and mileage in personal opportunities.

Now, just a few days back, I had the opportunity to dine at this newly established restaurant called, ‘The Box Bistro’, located at Courts Tampines. I was informed that this restaurant was new as previously, the space was leased out to ‘Eatzi’.

The Entrance

The Entrance

On entrance, we were greeted pleasantly and since the restaurant was empty, we chose to be seated near at a corner where we could observe Courts patrons as well as the restaurant patrons.

Having browsed through, we then called for our orders to be taken and came this petite looking Malay lady in a headscarf to take our orders. We gave our orders and were informed that there was quite a selection of the meals on the menu which weren’t available that day. So out went the nachos, fries and a few other items. Drinks were limited too as we discovered the ‘Pussy Foot’ mocktail wasn’t available for sale. I was guessing that someone must have been messing around the pussy with the foot.

Settled on our orders, we were issued with our receipt.

Check the TIME items were ordered

Check the TIME items were ordered

So, there we were waiting for our orders chit-chatting away when whom I believe is the owner of the establishment came sneaking behind my friend trying to take a look at the receipt. In every sense of the word, she was ‘Peeping’ our receipt. When she was discovered, she apologised and in a physical motion of what I would describe as ‘snatch’, she ‘snatched’ the receipt from the table, took a glance at it and placed it back on the table.

Minutes later, she came again to ‘snatch’ our receipt and this ‘snatching’ happened for a few more times. At no point after the first ‘snatching’ incident, did she came to apologise any further, preferring instead to invade our privacy of watching ‘Sang Kancil’ on iPhone.

So, after much waiting my Pomodoro arrived and the time clocked as shown below:

A Good 30 Minutes?

A Good 30 Minutes?

Anyone who knows how to cook pasta will know that it doesn’t take that long to dish up this simple dish, which by the way, doesn’t taste that great anyway and was a little bland.

At no juncture did anyone ever, especially the owner, came to apologise for taking so long nor did she offer any discount or provide any other form of ‘Service Recovery’.

I’m definitely not impressed and until someone else blogs about how good the service and food is, I wouldn’t recommend that you go there. IKEA’s non-halal food probably taste better and has better service too!

But the conclusion that we derived from this meal, the owner has never worked in a Food & Beverage establishment, is a first time business owner, is not a business educated individual but has lots of money to spend.

One thought on “Servicing You

  1. I’ve been here before lasr year and I forgot that place exists till I read your blog! That’s how so-so the food is! For the price you pay there, you can get much better food at a hawker centre! 😀


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