Scandalizing Singapore

Have you ever wondered how terrible it’ll be like if you slept with someone today and the whole nation knows about it tomorrow?

That was part of a topic of conversation I had yesterday with a few friends of mine about how small Brunei’s population is so much so that if you were to sleep with someone today, the whole country will know about it the next day. Brunei with a population of 300,000 is bigger than Singapore, yet under-populated.

I’m sure some of our government members would be more than willing to run that oil-rich nation and to fill it up with foreign talent policies.

This post however, isn’t about how to propagate foreign talent but rather, is about the existence of Scandals and how much such a Scandal could turn out to be.

Scandala disgraceful or discreditable action, an offense caused by a fault or misdeed, damage to reputation, defamatory talk, a person whose conduct brings disgrace or offense

In summary, a Scandal is a disgraceful action caused by a fault or misdeed which could lead to a damaging reputation through a defamatory talk whereby the actions brings disgrace or offense to the conduct.

Nevertheless, we all love a scandal or to be involved in one because of the thrills of it.

Married or Single, innocent looking or slutty, religious or not, Minister or Citizen, having a scandal doesn’t require you to belong to any particular demographic. However, to be involved in one requires plenty of guts and also requires one to be prepared to face up to the impending challenges should the scandal or scandals surface.

I’ve been involved in one too many scandals both at private level between friends as well as at national level. The most common scandal I’ve been linked with is the story that I keep changing girlfriends in school. That is fiction because the only girlfriend I had lasted only 2 weeks during my time in polytechnic and I had never dated her out. I don’t even remember why I asked her to be my girlfriend. The fact is, I was always going out with different girls every week from different schools on campus for lunch and was mistakened to be a player.


But my scandals are all but minor, except for that case that made it to several media platforms.

NOW, imagine how scandals would be like for public figures in Singapore.

How interesting would it be like to know that perhaps a potential Member of Parliament who is married and is a respectable person in the community is sleeping around with another man’s wife?

Or perhaps how interesting it’d be to find out that a public figure who’s looked up to as a role model in the community was sleeping around at work and getting caught whilst in the act!


With how the world is so connected with the advent of technology and networking, it wouldn’t be surprising if such incidences occurred and information, passed around. It doesn’t really matter whether or not the story is fabricated or the truth because as long as a hint of the story is true, it could be damaging enough to the individual.

With such information on hand, I could easily destroy aspirations of several individuals easily.

I’ve been told that a particular person has been praying and hoping that I’d be charged for my case. Well, unfortunately my dear, I’ve been cleared and whilst you may be unhappy with the result of my investigations, if you are reading this, I suggest that you be extra wary about what you plan to do with me because ‘I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST ….’

East Coast Park is a nice place and I love it there, just like how I just had a milkshaking time a few nights ago, I’m sure you’d enjoy the milkshaking session there for the atmosphere.

Don’t worry about the make-up on the table too, I guess it’s a job hazard that comes tied together with the association to a famous other person.

For the others, I’m sure everyone these days is involved in some sort of a scandal. If priests will molest kids, I wouldn’t believe it if any normal guy or girl on the street isn’t involved or has never been involved in some type of a scandal. With so much stress going around the country, who wouldn’t want a scandal?

Trust me, I have one too myself and damn she gets tired too easily!

Every 4 hours, an hour to recharge before the next escapade.

Sex Scandal Cheat Sheet

Sex Scandal Cheat Sheet

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