Singaporeans Love Being Molested

Whilst I’m typing this down, I’ve placed the cat in a separate room. You might wonder why and well, simply because it’s a tech savvy cat and tech savvy cats walk all over my keyboard and hands before biting or scratching my flesh because it wants to join in the blogging sessions.

But here’s the deal for the day.

I think Singaporeans or foreigners who continue to stay in Singapore who eventually make it their home and say they love it here is because this is perhaps one of the best countries where you get to molest or get molested in public and it’s totally fine if it’s during the peak rush hour.

You’d wonder why I’d say that.

I was just in the train this morning during the rush hour and I can only say that even in those days that I went partying, I never dared stand so close to any girl. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I’ve got no choice during the rush hour but to have my body against another lady and so were many others around me. If I tried to give space, it wouldn’t work anyway since I’d get pushed by people rushing into or out of the train.

I was literally ‘grinding’ the lady standing in front of me each time the train shook or whenever the person at the back leaned forward. It wasn’t any case for choice but definitely not one that I fancy being in such a position, especially when I can’t say sweet nothings to the person I’m ‘grinding’. It’s extremely uncomfortable since I have to turn my head away from the hair facing me and shift my body a little to the side so as to avoid this ‘grinding’.

And Singaporeans or people living in Singapore probably don’t complain about being molested by ‘grinding’ every morning because they need the intimate human touch in this stressful environment. But it’s ironic too how Singaporeans don’t complain about being touched at indiscriminate places everyday but report to the police about upskirt shots of themselves being taken and say that their privacy is breached. Hmmmm…

It’s very concerning at various levels for me because earlier this morning, there was a second reported case of upskirt shots being taken in the news in 2 weeks? It’s also been said that there’s an online forum whereby people trade tricks of the trade on how to take upskirt shots. They even display their winning shots on those forums! These individuals are probably a group of people who needs to be monitored by the Singapore Police Force and sent for counselling. But you know, the law here and everywhere works around the notion to convict rather than to prevent.



There should be a law implemented to work on preventive measures when made known to safeguard those involved and those who may fall victims, unsuspectingly.

But honestly, is there something seriously wrong with our society because the latest one reported underwent psychological treatment and was assessed to suffer from some depression as a result of work and family stress. In this case, he had used a spy pen to record his adventures.

But it’s really a chicken and egg issue in my opinion because the accused mentioned that he targeted ladies who wore mid-length to short skirts. If that’s the case, then so many women out there would probably have had their upskirt shots taken discreetly at some point since so many ladies these days wear such skirts.

Is it then time for ladies to have a change in fashion?

To forgo mid-length to short skirts for long skirts and pants instead?

Such a measure could prevent upskirt shots by such repressed and depressed individuals and would save both sides the misery of going to court and serving jail time or end up with huge fine sentences. Saves court resources and money too!

But you know, maybe these people who take upskirt shots want to emulate those Hollywood papparazzis who take upskirt shots of A-list celebrities! If that is the case, then perhaps women here who have their upskirt shots taken and get so angry over it should know that they’ll never be able to make millions of dollars like their female counterparts who never complain about their upskirt shots taken but complain about their sex videos being released.

As for me, I don’t think I’m going to need to be bothered by such upskirt shots.. I see too much that I think it’ll gross people out if I post photos of unshaven armpits.

Speaking of which, is it an offence to take photos of unshaven armpits flagging for flies in public?

Anyway, here’s how Westerners put upskirt to humour!

3 thoughts on “Singaporeans Love Being Molested

  1. I agree with you man. The early morning train ride, from 7am to 10am, is always the most discomforting experience ever! Though it feels kinda syiok in some sense if you have a cute chic bumping your lil brother at 7am in the morning, but morally its just not right.

    Not only that, privacy becomes an issue too cause within that intimate distance, we can see people SMS-ing and we get to read those private messages.

    And come to think about it, it is from this intimate position that sparks the libido especially young teenage guys.


  2. i really enjoyed your story i never knows about singapor
    but other countries i know about i i felt most of girls women like being molested or groped as we all knows worlds life with stressful so its fun i don’t think its big crime. well now singapor in my Fantasy lolxxxx


  3. That’s presumptuous to say that the females enjoy (or don’t mind) being touched. Did you interview them? Or survey a representative group?

    A lot of people on public transport are unable to afford private transport (car, motorbike, etc) hence they have to tolerate this.


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