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Controversy – a prolonged public dispute, debate, or contention; disputation concerning a matter of opinion.



Everyone loves a controversy because it creates an interesting topic to debate, discuss and to share opinions.

Singaporeans are no different and perhaps even bigger controversy addicts albeit using pseudo names or nick names whilst getting engaged in such topics especially in public domains on the internet. This could of course, be because they are worried of the repercussions abound should they flout the law.

I for one, definitely love a controversy or to get involved in one simply because it is an avenue where one gets the opportunity to express views and dig deep into their brains to think critically.

Essentially, that’s how people grow intellectually to be wiser and learn more about themselves as they delve deeper into controversial topics because there will be others who’ll provide a totally different opinion compared to yours.

That’s how I probably got myself into trouble most of the time and even more so with how one of my blog entries made it into Straits Times, Berita Harian, xinmsn, Yahoo, Temasek Review, The Online Citizen, Singapore Democrats and many more.

But this isn’t about the outcome of my investigation which has been closed with a better than expected result. This is about how despite Singaporeans love being involved to get engaged in controversy, the government, unfortunately does not and nor will it allow topics of controversy to be widely discussed.

This is also the reason why most Singaporeans need a pseudo when making comments whereby they can be tracked.

The reason for the topic on controversy is simply because I’m watching the new season of ‘Singapore Talking’ and I can safely say that this season, it definitely isn’t about Singapore Talking. It’s a facade of Singapore, talking.

No longer aired ‘Live’, I’m sure, that’s perhaps the first reason why the host from the earlier season, good looking, Ashraf Safdar, is not the host any longer.

But here’s the bigger reason behind why the show isn’t aired ‘Live’ any longer.


When aired ‘Live’, comments made couldn’t be censored which meant that any critical argument will be heard, seen and possibly recorded to be replayed in it’s original content. Good for people watching who love controversy but not for people who are not in support of such topics being debated or discussed about.

Who am I talking about?

If you still don’t get my drift, it’s Media Development Authority (MDA), the overall organisation and authority in-charge of censorship in Singapore.

Ashraf, in the first season of Singapore Talking often discussed and debated about controversial topics heatedly and it was emotional and connected to the audience who was watching it including the guys who were also taken in by his good looks.

The new host, I can’t even remember her name, sounds so fake when she talks and she doesn’t or perhaps isn’t able to invoke the emotions of the viewers watching.  She seems too relaxed and what’s worst, is that her topic of debate isn’t as controversial or she doesn’t have the capacity to lead the debate into something more controversial. This could be because of the many takes she’s had to make everytime the topic gets too heated or controversial.

I don’t blame the host because that probably isn’t her personality when she’s engaged in a debate.

It’s just unfortunate that everytime a good programme which invites controversy gets aired and receives substantially good reviews and ratings, MDA has to censor it because it needs to protect the interest of the government at the expense of the intellect of the people whom the government are asking to be creative.

Or perhaps to be creative only after you learn what needs to be censored.

Before Singapore Talking came to air, there was another great programme which allowed Singaporeans to debate with Ministers, ‘Why My Vote Matters’.

Here’s an episode where the debate is with Lee Kuan Yew himself

4 thoughts on “Singapore Talking

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  2. How can one be surprised? It was already note by me and I am sure by others like you that even the first season by Asraf was obviously interfered with when MC must have been hauled up by you-know-who and given a bollocking or has been self censored.

    Women/Girls in general are the best candidates to ensure a ‘safe’ handling – they are a disgrace to the women-libbers – for they are so ‘kuay-kuay’ one, so easy to be manipulated as many are quite unprincipled when it come to getting and keeping a job. An ‘outstanding’ ‘govt proxy’ is Debra Soon who hosts Talking Point, another talk show. You need to watch one one episode to have this unfailing impression creeps up on you.

    Blog TV, the award winning programme is most of the time without the two hosts responsible for its popularity. What happened to it? Now we see all kinds of transient characters hosting it. Here today gone tomorrow. The original Chinese guy was long gone. The Flying Dutchman is a bit like the invisible man, slowly disappearing! No doubt the FD and his partner made a most interest pair. But I predict that in due course, BTV, will also be flushed down the longkang.

    And all this nothing new. Do anyone of you recall ARNOLD GAY? He came to MC from the ST station after it was folded by none other than LKY under the pretext of money ‘bleeding’ from the competition among the stations. as I understand it Arnold was transferred to a non-broadcasting job which is the way these TV bosses ease out talents who are too good for their (the bosses’) survival vis a vis the senior politicians.


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