MOE’s Yellow Brick Road

The ‘Yellow Ribbon Project’ is an intiative by the Singapore Prisons Department to help unlock the second prison.

Yellow Ribbon Project

Yellow Ribbon Project

Successful in many ways, the offenders featured are usually wayward youths or individuals who were involved in crimes of statistical concerns to the state. I am supportive of the ‘Yellow Ribbon Project’ as a means to help re-integrate individuals who are purely human to have committed mistakes in their life. It is after all, ‘To err is human’.

But in recent weeks, crimes committed have been of varying degrees and of a totally different nature. One that involves public interest and certainly of great concern to the nation.

First we had Singapore Land Authority officers committing corruption fraud and just recently, Ministry of Education teacher and scholar making the headlines. One for harbouring a fugitive and another for child pornography.

Yes, we’ve had public figures in the past who made headlines for crimes. NKF and Renci in particular. The dude from NKF was a good friend of my previous company’s managing director whilst the Renci reverend, well, we just happen to have the same hairstyle.

That’s about the connection I have with those people.

I’m not worried about the Singapore Land Authority dude since he’s already had his good share of life and money during his tenure. He’ll still be sought after when he gets out of jail, if he makes it out alive but I’m worried about the two from Ministry of Education.

Worried about what the MOE’s stance on ‘Yellow Ribbon Project’ is because the MOE is a government board and one which recognises that education involves making mistakes.

It’d be so ironic if the two individuals weren’t allowed to be forgiven and allowed to be back in the service because I’m sure they’d have a good story to educate the young.

Nur Aini, the harbourer, imprisoned for 18 months would make a great teacher to relay what she went through in prison and reflect her feelings and thoughts with her students on what went through her mind when she committed the crime and how she felt when she was caught.

Her experience will serve to help educate her students better on being on the safer side of the law as she is a living example of what would happen.

And then we have Jonathan Wong, an overseas scholar who also happens to have a passion for child pornography. On this instance, whilst most people would jump for fear of their child’s safety, I had a different interpretation. I question what was his motivation that got him interested in child pornography and what was the psychology of his mind during the time when he first got interested.

I wouldn’t dare say that I want him to be teaching children at the ages where his interests would be sparked but surely, he could be made an example of in school as an educator to teach Secondary level on the cause and effect of porn since he fell victim to it and probably grew his addiction to it.

These are good and smart people who fell victim to the law as a cause of their motivation by kinship and love as well as an interest which grew into an addiction.

Seriously, how will the MOE react to this now and how will you as Singaporeans react to this?

Nur Ain will no doubt be sacked from her Education Officer position as she serves her 18-month jail term but what is to become of Jonathan Wong who is on Education Scholarship in the United Kingdom.

Is the ‘Yellow Ribbon Project’ only for private companies or does the Government strongly support this cause as well?

Support the Yellow Ribbon Project today, visit

I quote President of Republic of Singapore, SR Nathan:

“Although they have made a mistake in life, they deserve a second chance. We all make mistakes, we all come out the better for it.”

4 thoughts on “MOE’s Yellow Brick Road

  1. My elder brother’s gd friend is a teacher. She made a mistake, not crime. She got pregnant and unmarried.. You think she can still teach since she choose to remain single? Her final decision made her change forever. She is not as jovial. Well, certain things happening in the ‘system’ we are living with are contradicting. Teachers have to teach the children not to be prejudice and such but when the teacher makes a mistake that’s not accepted by society, he/she is being judged. For instance, no surprise if anyone were to say a teacher posing in bikini has no moral value. By right, what’s wrong with that? Our MSU representing our country do wear bikinis in one of the rounds.


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