Adventures On A Shoestring – Continued Part 2

As what was mentioned in the last not-so happening adventure at the old Bidadari Cemetery, now a white elephant Woodleigh NEL station, we now bring you to Kent Ridge Park.

No photos to show you but here are videos taken whilst there… Check out the ‘Guest Host’, looks like someone familiar?

So, nothing at Kent Ridge Park and we then made our way down to place I had blogged about recently, Labrador Park but not before we end with this:

Whilst I had visited the location the other day during daylight, it is now a different atmosphere since it’s late at night with barely any light.

Gate to...?

Gate to...?

I know some of you who’ve seen this photo on my Facebook page must have been wondering there this was taken at.. Well, you’ve got your answer now!

The gate serves no purpose any longer to walk-ins. Perhaps only good to prevent vehicles from driving up.

If you’ve never seen how the toilet facility looks like at Labrador, you might want to check this video out first!



For War Veterans

For War Veterans

Interestingly, this wreath meant a lot to a friend of mine who’s immediate relative falls under this category.

No need for to hold you in suspense any further so here’s the story:

I’m sure that video would be useful to History teachers or Singapore’s History enthusiast who need a point of reference.

But did we get what we came here for?

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