Adventures On A Shoestring

You’ve read on my recent adventures to places in and around Singapore.

The holidays are back and if you are on a shoestring budget like myself, watch this space to find out where you can venture to and still get a kick out of it – provided you’ve got the guts to begin with!

The best part of this is that I’ve got places for you to visit during the Day and Night! Whichever you’re more comfortable with of course!

Having explored Old Changi Hospital, Red House and Pasir Ris Park for those into night adventures, it’s definitely not the end. Next on the list is where a cemetery used to be.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, it’s Bidadari Cemetery.

No longer a cemetery, Bidadari Cemetery has now been converted to be a train station that unfortunately was never properly utilised. The station in question is Woodleigh Station which sits along the North-East Line.

SMRT has of course issued their own statement to state why that station was closed having only opened for operations for a short while. But if you know Singapore well enough, you’d understand that a lot of research and study would have been put into place first to assess the viability to open the station to maximize cost effectiveness.

Therefore, when the statement was issued to state that the station was under-utilised, there’s got to be more to it! So, yours truly here decided to explore the location with his very reliable pal, forming the ‘Mocha & Latte’ team.

As we headed our way to Woodleigh Station, we took a slightly different route and drove through Mount Pleasant Rd. Mount Pleasant Rd is of course a very long and dark stretch of road and for those of you unfamiliar with the place, it’s behind the Old Police Academy at Thomson Rd and stories that have come out of there, varies.

But, unfortunately for us, we didn’t find anything there other than huge beautiful houses lined up along the dimly lit road. Having said that, not finding anything does not discredit the stories that have came out of there from those who’ve experienced it.

Moving forward….

Nothing quite exciting at the old Bidadari Cemetery perhaps because we didn’t see anything there but it was certainly a good experience just being there. Each and everytime I ride past the station, the hairs on my hand and neck would stand but surprisingly, I didn’t get that when I was there.

Here are some photos that I managed to snap whilst there.

Woodleigh Bus Stop

Woodleigh Bus Stop

Woodleigh NEL Station

Woodleigh NEL Station

Where to next?

Didn’t you listen to the video earlier?

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