Haunted Changi

Old Changi Hospital - Main Building

Old Changi Hospital - Main Building

If you’re Singaporean or have lived in Singapore, then I’m sure you must have heard about the eerie tales of Old Changi Hospital located at Hendon Road in the Changi area.

A popular haunt for those who love an adventure into the realms of the supernatural, this popular spot was also a hit for drug addicts and maybe even couples looking for a place to make out.

Dilapidated as it is, the walls of the building show evidence of how much it has been through time with whitewash walls and some parts of the roof have even fallen through but otherwise, the building looks like it’s in a good condition to receive visitors.

A recent revisit to the location where I had explored just a year ago and had a very interesting encounter (will be told later) proved to be a disappointment as the entire area was now fenced up and was under 24/7 surveillance by AETOS security.

Old Changi Hospital Pic 1

Old Changi Hospital Pic 1

Old Changi Hospital Pic 2

Old Changi Hospital Pic 2

Old Changi Hospital Pic 3

Old Changi Hospital Pic 3

Recently, the location was made popular through the release of a film entitled, ‘Haunted Changi’. I’ve yet to watch the film but reviews on it have been mixed with some claiming that it wasn’t realistic.

I’m not sure how realistic the movie needs to be to convince viewers of the presence unless those watching it have experienced it for themselves.

So, here’s my own account of what happened when I visited the location last year.

It was in celebration of Halloween and a group of us decided to pay homage to Old Changi Hospital after a series of ghost movies. It was about 1am in the morning when we arrived on location and it was raining heavily. There were no others there but just 2 cars with 10 people.

We were greeting with coloured flags which I believed were long talisman tied to the entrances of the hospital to keep away evil spirits. The same multi-coloured long talismans were also found on the 3rd floor in one of the wards.

That aside, it wasn’t until about 30 mins into our exploration after we visited the mortuary that we finally got what we were there for. In the midst of the cold night, every single one of us heard a choir of voices made up of male and female voices humming a tune.

I wasn’t sure what to make out of it but was quite confident that it was really perhaps another group who was there to perhaps chant to call for the devil. It was Halloween and it is a popular place for all kinds of activities. The voice was the perfect harmony of a male and a female and it could be distinctively heard despite the noises made by the rain pattering on the roofs.

As we made our way back out, it was then that I realised that we were the only group because only our two cars were there and it was impossible for any big group to have wanted to venture up the long way in that kind of rain without any form of transportation.

I sure had a great time exploring that place and would love to be able to visit it again another time in the day to be able to get better shots of the place from the inside.

And here’s a video/audio from that night.

If there’s any of you who knows the way in with all the fence around and not getting caught, drop me a mail!

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