Weekend of Grassroots Events

Weekends are always welcoming especially for those who are employed in a regular weekday 9-5 job but for some individuals like myself who are slaves and kings to our own time, there’s no such thing as a weekend or a weekday.

We work whenever there’s an opportunity to earn regardless of the cause and when there isn’t one, we’re either idling at home or like me, engaged in volunteer activities.

Weekends to me are perhaps the most busiest period of the week for me, not because I’m busy working but because I’m somehow engaged in various activities that just simply take up my time either through my volunteering activities or some other unknown last minute activity that I seem to get myself involved in.

This past weekend was a very colourful yet solemnly eventful.

To begin, I had a teambuilding session with fellow Youth Executive Committee (YEC) members in the Tanjong Pagar Grassroots Constituency (TPGRC) where I volunteer at. A long day no doubt but I’m thankful I attended it despite nursing a twisted ankle on Deepavali in a game of soccer.

New friends made and no doubt, new networks formed and I’m definitely looking forward to 2011 to collaborate with some of the YECs in the TPGRC for big events.

The Best Adjective That Describes Me

The Best Adjective That Describes Me

Instant Namecards!

Instant Namecards!

After an absolutely hyped up day with the YEC members, next on the list was a ceremony held in Singapore Polytechnic to commemorate the 7th Anniversary of SangSingaPurba Performing Arts where I was one the pioneering members.

Happy as the occasion should have been, it was one filled with mixed emotions. As the spirit lives on, so does our passion keep on burning, to be reignited when the wind blows.

And moving on, still on the fever of GRC and riding on the wave of the upcoming General Elections.

The incumbent has begun their campaign to reinforce their presence to garner support at GRC events and what a way to begin.

At the Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC event held beside Al-Mawaddah Mosque at Buangkok where a very small event was organised, one would expect only one Member of Parliament (MP) to be present as Guest-Of-Honour.

At this very small event with less than 500 pax present (150 estimated), the whole Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC team actually attended!

The faces that you’d never see and had never seen on TV or hear on the news were also present.

Amazing what politicians would do to win votes!

And it was pretty amazing with what I witnessed as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defense, Teo Chee Hean, actually walked down a field to literally, ‘Fly a Kite’. He was of course accompanied by his SECCOM officers and several people from the media who were there to help with the cause to promote the incumbent snapping photographs of him cosying up to a fellow resident flying a kite.

I’m pretty sure the momentum’s just gonna get even more exciting in the coming months as Singapore gears itself up for the General Elections due in 2012. With the Elections Committee being formed to redraw boundaries, elections are definitely expected to be held early next year.

I’m just not sure if typical GRC events held in opposition wards invite the MP or the Advisor because if you don’t already know, the MP in an opposition ward, who’s an opposition MP isn’t the Advisor!

The Advisor is an unknown from the ruling party who most probably had contested in the area and lost.

And one would really wonder, what did that Advisor do to deserve to be THE ADVISOR and not the MP for the area.

Pasir Ris - Punggol GRC Community Event

Pasir Ris - Punggol GRC Community Event

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