Building A Museum

This past month has really just been the time where I’ve been spending a lot of time on myself with the zero number of classes this month. I’ve decided to finally get down to some personal projects of mine which has been kept in the plastic bag wrapping for years and some stored away in the luggage.

Memories which of course I’d be proud to display regardless of how terrible it is and a rediscovery of my past. I also gathered that this would perhaps be a good way for me to learn to really encapsulate my past into a period whereby I can have it remembered as how I want it to be and for others to come.

Sounds a lot like I’m building a ‘Abdillah Zamzuri Museum’.

I probably am too,  actually.

So, over the past few days, I’ve been gathering and organising items and preparing a few to be framed up on the wall and a few others in a photo album and realised that there’s probably just too much and I’d probably really end up with a museum in my room but here are some shots of what has been done or is under construction.

First Test

Final Frame

Final Frame-Up

An attempt to perform curation for my NCC (Air) items. It would seem a tad weird to most though who hold the same rank as me at that time because I didn’t have that many badges to show. I never really understood the need for so many badges then but realised that it could have benefited me with the knowledge gained.

Nevertheless, this goes straight into ‘Abdillah Zamzuri Museum’. I do realise that I need to perhaps provide labels to explain what those items are. Shall get down to those soon. Will need to buy that thing that allows you type and print and stick – whatever it’s called.

Photo albums will proceed next to complement that!

34th SSEAYP Items (Singapore Contingent)

Items from the 34th SSEAYP Singapore Contingent

Note: SSEAYP is also known as Ship for South East Asia Youth Programme

34th SSEAYP Japan Programme Items

Items from 34th SSEAYP Local Programme, Japan-ASEAN Youth Leaders Summit and Admin

When we first arrived in Tokyo, Japan, we attended the inaugural Japan-ASEAN Youth Leaders Summit where H.R.H Princess Akihiro had presided over before beginning SSEAYP proper starting with the homestay programme where I was sent to Kobe, Japan.

34th SSEAYP Port of Calls

Items from 34th SSEAYP Port of Calls

Travelling down from Yokohama, Japan, we visited 5 other Port of Call. The first being Singapore where Singapore Participating Youths (SPYs) were excluded from participation due to the travelling distance. Other Port of Calls were: Jakarta, Indonesia; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Bangkok, Thailand and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Participating Youths would spend 3-4 days at each Port of Call.

34th SSEAYP Nippon Maru and PYs memorabilia

Items from 34th SSEAYP PYs and Nippon Maru

A variety of gifts and souvenirs from Foreign PYs as well as items purchased on board the now retired cruise ship, Nippon Maru.

On board Nippon Maru at Yokohama, Japan before setting sail

Photo Courtesy of BPY Tasha

And finally, attempting to fly Singapore’s flag high as a youth ambassador for 52 days on board the Nippon Maru whilst it was still docked at Port Yokohama, Japan a few days before setting sail.

With 4 months + 52 days worth of memories, I’m definitely going to need a lot of space for the museum.

Question is, where and how?

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