New Balance Real Run 2010


The New Balance Real Run, an annual run co-organised by Home Team is a run that takes runners through a trail, road, sand and road again before finishing is one that’s extremely challenging but fun.

Blogging directly from location right after my 10km run, this is definitely my first Real Run and my right outceps are in pain either because of the wrong type of shoe or the terrain that put my right outcep under extreme stress.

Aside from the injury, I was running this terrain carrying my mobile with the GPS tracker on to check on my timing and actual distance clocked.

How shocked I was when during my run I checked and noticed that I had clocked an hour for 8km but the route then stated later I had only completed 7km!

GPS can’t be wrong and by the end of my run, I had completed 14.86km at 1hr 19mins. The shortage in numbers made up by the slow start of my GPS.

Nevertheless, I still managed to complete it at a reasonably good timing despite running with a natural pouch as a cause of poor diet and an adidas pouch given by my reservist division who had kindly sponsored the run.

Indeed, this shall not be the last of my many more runs having since completed 15km, an upgrade from my regular 10km runs.

What more, I had only started training for this run a week before with just 4 days of training. Whether or not, i’d be able to complete at a better timing had I began training earlier is left to be known but i’m definitely pleased with the training regime I put myself through considering I am still recovering from my accident.

For those who are thinking about picking up running, drop me a mail if you’re thinking of engaging a crazy and unqualified coach!

3 thoughts on “New Balance Real Run 2010

  1. That was my very 1st Real Run too. And I was ill-prepared to run on the dirt trail and the sand. I say that was PAINFUL. Anyway… so that was true what you mentioned abt the GPS… they undercalculated the distance?


    • Congrats to you on surviving the Real Run!

      I hope your feet is recuperating well. There’s no way to verify the actual distance with the organisers or is there? But based on my GPS, it clearly showed that I had clocked 14.86km at the end of the 10km run.

      The moment I reached the sand station, I had clocked 8km! So I thought it was weird when at the end of the sand station, it wrote 7km. I believe that there is a discrepancy for sure.


      • Oh great! Never mind… I’ll just take it as extra calories lost…extra fat burnt! Thanks for the info anyway! And Congrats to you too for finishing!


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