Silence Through The Dead

Death, it comes in many forms – some pre-determined by god whilst some are planned for by man.

I’ve been to many funerals in my lifetime, most of whom were funerals of individuals who were a part of my life. The first was that of my grandmother when I was about 8  or 9 years old.

Before her death, I remember how I’d always sit at her leg and stare at her bulging veins that were popping out of her feet. She was sick but I didn’t know that and I don’t think I ever remembered much about her. But she had sporadic white hair and wore huge glasses that made her eyes look like goldfish.

The next death I remember was that of a friend of mine who suffered Leukemia in the year he was to sit for his GCE O Level examinations. He was a friend I had known from primary school and was my buddy in the school’s soccer team. He was the first mentor I remember I had in this game of soccer in school.

In the final days of his death, he was in a state of coma and unable to communicate except through his tears.

And then there were deaths that I came across during my National Service. Some of which were decomposing bodies and there were also unique ones which were featured in the news because it was deaths that mattered to the organisation and were worrying to the public.

But such deaths were totally unexpected and couldn’t have been foreseen.

But what if, death could be controlled to manage difficult issues being faced by an organisation or even a country.

Such deaths, are not new and have in fact been used in history.

The assasination of United States President John F. Kennedy was enacted to prevent him from closing down the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) which was working closely with the Mossad in highly secretive operations that even the President was not allowed access to.

Then there’s the death of Princess Diana who was dramatically killed in a car crash in Paris. She was dating Dodi Al-Fayed at that point of time and rumour has it that she was converting to be a Muslim because she was pregnant with Dodi’s child.

The latest of the most popular deaths is of course the death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Whilst it has yet to be proven why he was killed. It was rumoured that he was to make an official announcement during his concert that he was a Muslim.

Such deaths are plenty throughout the course of history and comes under a lot of public scrutiny but what if the individual was already dead, yet kept alive by technology whereby the purpose of ensuring death was made public was to silence a series of attacks under scrutiny of the organisation or country?

Deaths as such could be an effective media tool to divert attention away from the negative publicity that has seen the organisation or country under continuous attack by it’s members or citizens.

The diversion helps to put heated issues to a calm and to give breathing space to the organisation or country to reconvene and plan strategies on how to counter a resurgence of questions towards those issues, should it resurface.

So why then death instead of other measures?

Simply because in death, sympathy will flow and individuals who have taken such a hard stance against the issues will be pressed to join in contributing sympathy because to pursue such issues in a time of death is disrespectful to the dead will make the individual look like a human with very low emotional quotient.

And of course, because there is no specific time frame for when it will be appropriate to resurface such issues unless there is a proper platform for it, those issues which have remained unanswered will remain silent until the proper platform is created.

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