PR Disaster

Public Relations management is an essential skill that everyone needs to have and is most definitely important for companies.

Big companies engage the best PR personnel in the market to ensure that the reputation of their company is well maintained in the industry as well as amongst consumers to ensure that there will be continued business or a domino of businesses coming their way.

Even countries like Israel, engage the best PR personnels to help them damage control untidy situations that the country gets involved in. Israel for one, engages the services of an American PR firm which has good and efficient links to the American media. This is an effective method of damage controlling as the American media will be able to help create stories to put bad situations into better ones.

Unfortunately, not all companies or countries can afford such PR services becomes it comes at a high price. For such companies who suffer from bad reputation as a result of malpractice or a lack of business and professional ethics, it could mean closure of the whole business operations and entity.

So, the best thing that such companies with such bad reputation can do is to damage control the situation themselves utilising their own resources. Unfortunately, some of the damage control conducted lacks a well-thought out strategy.

In the case of my own scenario, a blog entry posted on 24 July 2010, entitled SNAPz Out was on the receiving end of one such terrible PR damage control. If it was done by a professional PR company, then it must have really been terrible but if it was done by the employees of the company, then it must be really sad especially when it is perhaps a sign of desperation at an attempt to regain some dignity and reputation in it’s industry.

The entry mentioned began receiving several comments which glorify the company’s practices and also began to belittle my experience and myself as someone who wasn’t able to afford the services. Unfortunately, the people who decided to place those comments perhaps didn’t possess sufficient knowledge of the world of information technology because different comments posted by different names came under the same IP Address!

That is of course an indication that those comments were either posted by one person who used different names or were posted by different individuals sharing the same connection.

This information was of course clarified by a close friend of mine who is in an IT expert and deals with IT in his daily business.

It saddens and disappoints me even more than the company had to resort to such tactics to raise their reputation instead of trying to focus on re-strategizing their marketing strategy or to improve on their sales and customer service demeanour.

If engaging a PR personnel is really too much, perhaps they should send their employees for training utilizing the SPUR funding that the Singapore government has so kindly made available. I’d also suggest that they don’t use fake M.A.C products and to seriously engage professional make-up artists.

Even better, to perhaps help recreate a better image or an attempt to save their image, try offering a proper obligation free package but I bet that’ll mean too much loss of business that they are not willing to thread on.

But of course, you guys from Snap Image Studio have my number.

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