Social Networking Sites and The Delusional

Minutes ago, I was on social networking site, Facebook to check out what were some the latest interesting feeds from fellow networked ‘friends’  and came across this interesting article highlighting how much Facebook could potentially uncover an individual’s hidden stalking nature.

Unfortunately, biased as it is that the article was generally highlighting how much women have became stalkers through the advent of technology, the article was written by a lady herself who admitted to having committed such acts.

The article goes further to mention that women should use the social network site as how men does – ‘as a networking tool rather than a microcosm of your social universe’.

Now, here’s where I’d like to cut in and debate.

Whilst most men use the social network for networking purposes, there are a minority group of men who are in fact more feminine in nature than their predisposed outlook of a man who typically adopts the ‘cannot be bothered’ attitude with who their significant other is friends with.

(And I’m not referring to those who are swinging for the same team. I can’t comment on them because my views are perhaps only applicable to those who are into cross-gender relationships.)

And what’s perhaps worst is that men who express such femininity traits could turn out to be worst stalkers than their female counterparts. What do I mean?

A simple expression of general interest in the significant other could well be perceived as making an advancement to further the friendship and turn it into a relationship.

Such perceptions, if concocted and explicitly expressed, should be taken very seriously.

Individuals who express such displeasure through the baseless perception are individuals who are facing personal issues in life, which if not resolved could lead to more serious problems and damage to the individual’s emotional and mental well-being as well as those around them.

Some of these issues faced could be a case of:

Low Self-Esteem
Lack of Family Love
Trust Issues (based on past personal experience) and
Lack of Strong Support Network and
Many More….

Individuals who show signs of the above could take matters into their own hands and make demands of the significant other to ‘Defriend’ a person or to create a joint account so that it is easier to manage and monitor who should be allowed to be in the ‘Friends’ list.

Unfortunately, such individuals who make such demands are blinded by their actions and merely feel a sense of temporary superiority but are still constantly hounded by the very perception they have because not being ‘Friends’ on Facebook does not mean that they are not friends in the real world, which is a more significant entity than the social network.

Childish and Immature they may be, they will often resort to emotional blackmailing as a mean of reassurance to make their demands heard and known like a small child throwing tantrum and significant others who are blinded by the hidden reasons may well give in to such emotional blackmail.

Sad truth but it does happen not just to women, even to men.

These are the individuals who require mental assistance urgently because if left untreated, they will forever remain in the delusional state they are in.

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