The Marriage Interview Test

None of us enjoy going for job interviews simply because there is always the possibility of being rejected, especially when that job is very much sought after. However, should you be the selected one for the job and although you may just be very pleased, you will also find asking yourself if you’re well-suited for the job and for just how long will you be able to remain working in that company and also, how long will that company remain operational especially in economically trying times of today where companies bust overnight even with years of respectable reputation.

With such possibilities, how similar is securing that job with getting married?

Before you continue to read, please remember that these analogies are purely mine and any ideas expressed comes from my brain. Hope you enjoy reading it.

Have you ever imagined how it’d be like if getting married required you to sit for an interview?

The dating process would perhaps be best referred to as the interview and questions that could be fielded could range from the following:

1 – ‘Please provide a brief introduction of yourself’

2 – ‘Kindly state where you’re working at now and how much you’re earning’

3 – ‘You do understand that this is a life-long commitment with a clause which allows you to remove yourself from the union should you be unhappy with the impending situations. However, even with your removal, your services may still be required should you produce an offspring’

4 – ‘You do understand that should you be accepted, you may be required to relocate and leave your family. Will that be fine with you?’

5 – ‘Your jobscope may include the following and more; Cleaning, Nagging, Producing Babies, Ironing, Cooking and Basic Accounting.’

6 – ‘How is your monthly personal expenses like?’

The above are perhaps some of the possible questions to be fielded by both individuals but in reality, dating is an interview process whereby individuals assess one another for compatibility.

Fortunately or Unfortunately, dating also involves some degree of emotions and physical intimacy may be involved.

Dating as an interview process could take years before the approval stamp is given and for some, rejection is hard to swallow because sitting through another lengthy interview process is tiring.

But for some, dating could also be an ‘Internship’ process whereby individuals get to ‘experience how it would really be like if they clinched the real deal’.

For those who skip the Interview and secure an Internship, they will have the opportunity to experience a simulation of what marriage could be like for them as they’d be required to ‘Live In’ together and to perform all the tasks mentioned whilst receiving petty wages in exchange for social, mutual and physical benefits not available in Interviews.

Although ‘Internships’ are the trend in today’s marketplace in the working and relationship world. There are of course individuals who are not supportive of the idea largely due to prohibitions meted out by religious faiths as well as it not being accepted by society-at-large.

Nevertheless, for those who are deprived of ‘Internship’ spots, they can still look forward to ‘Interviews’ or if they are lucky, they’ll get invited to company retreats and functions whereby they’ll be taken to hotels and resorts for a few nights stay with the company’s director – in the case of a relationship, it’d be the good other half.

However, it’s not always the sunny side up for most people because there are also some groups of society and religious faiths which do not even allow Dating or ‘Interviews’ to be carried out in privacy.

For these group of individuals, ‘Interviews’ are conducted with a panel whereby a presentation is required and this would be the only opportunity available made to secure a second stage ‘Interview’ process whereby a select committee will be formed to assess the suitability of the candidate.

Whichever the process may be, be it, ‘Interview’ or ‘Internship’ or even ‘Presentation and Selection via the Select Committee’, we all want to secure that dream.

The dream to be married to the right partner so that we can avoid exercising the exit clause the nullify the contract.

One thought on “The Marriage Interview Test

  1. I just came back from ‘kampong’ for Hari Raya and know what sweets.. my older bro received many questions about marriage. Some even offered to matchmake him. Matchmaking? That’s similar to an ‘interview’, yeah?

    If you talk about marriage interview, I believe it’s a subjective issue. May be already happening for
    some, sweets.


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