If I Ran For Elections….

Many of us in Singapore are waiting in anticipation of what’s to come and when the General Elections will be held with much anxiety and excitement – for me at least.

The General Elections is perhaps one of the only time that I feel fellow Singaporeans above 21 years old whose contituencies are being contested have the opportunity to exercise their right ‘to build a democratic society, based on justice and equality, so as to achieve happiness and progress for our nation’.

Otherwise, on any other day other than during the General Election, Singaporeans pretty much do not have a say towards their own country’s democracy, justice and equality in order to achieve happiness and progress for our nation because our politicians whom the majority of Singaporeans have voted into parliament have the final say before discussing with the people who voted them to power by virtue of the ‘power and responsibilities vested in them’.

Honestly, everyone has their own perspective towards running a country and/or a business or organisation and that leadership style is dependent on the individual’s personality. Having said that, to install a democratic party or even an individual into parliament, I think it is firstly important to know if the party or individuals who make up the party are supportive of the cause for democracy and have a firm believe in democracy to begin with.

Reason being, should these individuals be running for seats in parliament whereby the constitution of the state and the virtues of the nation is based upon a democratic system of governance, the individual must first be an individual who’s a firm believer in democracy itself and this individual must first have proven himself/herself to be an individual who displays a democratic leadership style either in their organisation, business and/or social environment.

You can’t have someone who’s been an authotarian or a dictator in their organisation, business and/or social environment to suddenly step it up to say they believe in democracy when their track record reveals otherwise. Leadership is a style built up over the years and is most inclined towards the type of personality the individual has and therefore, for anyone to suddenly make the sudden switch shouldn’t be paid attention to if he/she is running for a democratic parliament.

So what’s next then after ensuring that the individual and/or individuals in the party running for elections is pro-democracy?

Next will come the question of what ideas can this individual/party bring to the people which will help improve livelihood for the citizens and residents as well as bring economic growth to the country.

I don’t know about those politicians out there who are thinking about the next General Elections but I certainly have some plans in mind and whilst I’m not ambitious to take the country by storm, my first focus will be on the business of education.

Education, as we know is the heart and soul of knowledge and anyone who has great knowledge has great power. Having said that, to amass such great knowledge, one needs to first discover at an early stage what learning style best suits the individual and with that, the right teacher who is trained to teach individuals with the right teaching method should be attached to him/her. This will maximize the potential capabilities of the individual and will ensure that the individual is given the fair treatment for a purposeful education.

No one wants to be short-changed.

Currently, the education system in Singapore caters to the masses. Teachers come out from the same mould at National Institute of Education and are given a whole range of students in their class who have multiple learning styles. Teachers are expected to cater as best as possible to as many styles as possible to ensure that no student is left behind. Unfortunately, humans being humans, we have our own personality traits which have made us who we are and teachers who are humans will switch to the style that they are most comfortable with thereby leaving several students to fall through the cracks.

It’s a two-way prong for this approach.

With the further segregration of students into learning style groups, more teachers will be required to teach these students. Not only that, with the right personality and learning/teaching method teacher-student combination, excellent results are guaranteed! More teachers meaning more jobs!

Unfortunately, there is a problem with this style.

Current examination formats only cater to those who are able to memorize and vomit out whatever they can remember. For this system to be effective, the national examinations board and Cambridge need to make changes to cater to this new system yet maintaining the high standard of examinations.

Why am I so passionate about education, you wonder?

Well, that’s because I am an educator myself. I did not went through the NIE system, I just jumped into it and became an educator teaching with private institutions. I’m currently waiting for my results for my Education Diploma from Cambridge, which NIE and MOE doesn’t accept by the way. So, I guess that makes me just as credible as any other MOE/NIE certified teacher to be debating on this issue.

I know of course, there’d be people who wouldn’t agree to my suggestion but think about it, especially if you’ve had teachers who couldn’t help you learn according to your style – wouldn’t your have preferred to have a teacher who shared similar personality traits and was able to teach you according to your teaching style?

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