I’m borrowing credibility for myself, if I may

With all the buzz going around with the recent media hype surrounding the case that I’m involved in, I’m not allowed to comment much any further but if there is something I’d like to highlight to anyone who’s reading this, I hope you will watch this video on this link:


This is a video taken from a televised series on ChannelNews Asia,’Why My Vote Matters’.

In this video, the guest, MM Lee is seen to be debating with fellow participants on political questions thrown at him.

I was very mesmerized at how he tactfully debunked every single question against him and came across a very useful anecdote mentioned of particular interest to my current situation,

“Any misdeed, any misdoing, by any officer, any government, bring it out. That’s how you keep the government clean, right?” (This is based on what I heard, if it’s wrong, then please do address it)

I don’t think such a sentence could be taken out of context right?

This is very clear to be understood am I not right?

Regardless, thank you all for the support that you have been giving me.