Fried Rice Paradise – The Review/ Media Hype’s Note

Fried Rice Paradise, a musical made famous by Singapore Idol resident judge, Dick Lee, is making a reprisal back on the shores of Singapore to commemorate the 50th anniversary of People’s Association. Thank you to PA for the contest cause I managed to catch this show for FREE!!!

Staged at Esplanade’s Theatre, the musical boasted of a sterling main cast namely; Taufik Batisah (Singapore Idol), Rahimah Rahim (Dignified Local Celebrity), Sebastian Tan, Lim Yu Beng, Denise Tan, Darius Tan, Alemay Fernandez, Candice Rozario, Hatta Said and Amanda Tee (so many Tans).

Set in the 70’s along Jalan Calamansi, I was impressed with the set design that was produced. It was multi-functional and was definitely one of the highlights of the show. The simplicity of the design and multi-functional use ensured that all the props required were on stage at all times.

*Photo taken from Ctrl Fre@k

I was also impressed with the good use of lighting which highlighted the different emotions and situations the characters were in.

However, with every performance, surely there are some comments focused on areas for improvement.


Music was a tad too soft to give a ‘Live’ feel to the audience. Somehow, it felt a lot like the musicians were forced to play soft to accomodate to the performers who were not able to project their voice out.


Surprisingly, Taufik wasn’t as impressive as I thought he’d be. The only two performers who could really sing on stage in a musical on the night I watched was Lim Yu Beng and Denise Tan. Taufik seemed to struggle to project his voice and could only settle for his regular R&B singing style.


Songs sung were of course local and close to the heart of most Singaporeans. The best song and most memorable one would still have to be Fried Rice Paradise. It still rings in my ears.


Well, I’m not sure if the same script was used or if there was any changes made to it but it was definitely something more suited for the local flavour albeit a bit too much of mandarin dialect and didn’t help that surtitles were in mandarin too.

In the end, the musical fell short of my expectations for that WOW factor.

I would however recommend this musical to individuals who would like to be interested in musical theatres. This would be a good platform no doubt.

For those who have watched better musicals, you’d probably not be too impressed.

On the whole, I’d give this 2.5 out of 5.


Separately, thanks to all for the support and encouragement over my recent case which has been highlighted in local media news.

Whilst some of you have called me a ‘Hero’ and would want to salute me, I think it all boils back down to one thing – Social and Civic Responsibility or in the terms of what we’ve always heard, Active Citizenry.

Defending the innocent with conviction and courage when you have prior knowledge.

I was taught even at a young age in secular education, religious education and family that we need to be righteous, responsible, take initiative and apply our knowledge in the best of situations to correct and address situations which are wrong.

As how my principal once put it, ‘A chicken asks what happen, A Vulture waits for things to happen, An Eagle makes things happen’.

Being a social and civic minded individual, I choose to be the Eagle in life because as how one fine man puts it, ‘Change begins with you’.

I’ve also noticed several racial incitements online and this has been very distressing and I find it extremely childish.

Why should we be arguing about the colour of our skin as much as I hate to admit it.

We need to realize and come to terms to the fact that we all belong to one race, the Human Race and that our skin and genetic make-up changes only because humans were nomadic in nature and thus, our body adapted to the changes in environment which resulted in different skin tones and body structures.

Remove all that skin and we’ll still be made of muscle and bones.

If there’s anything that we should be fighting for, it’s about social unity because only with social unity can we progress as a society and remove any powers in place that we feel has been unjust in discharging their duties.

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