Prayers In Injury

I realized that I don’t exactly look like a Muslim in this video that I recorded. I’m not even sure if there’s a Muslim look, I just created that up.

But anyways, for those of you who are probably wondering how I perform the Dry Ablution or what is called, Tayammum, I hope this video will be useful for you.

I cannot however, guarantee that what I have performed is correct.

I am only able to perform this Tayammum to the best of my knowledge and physical abilities.

What is done correctly, comes from God and what is wrong, is from me.

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4 thoughts on “Prayers In Injury

  1. Thank you :) That’s how I was taught too… Years ago. Hasn’t applied that knowledge into practical yet. Actually, can touch the wall also, right? More ‘dust’ I think. Haha. :D When I was taught, my dad used the wall and also the floor as an example. :)

  2. Hi. Would like to share with you something I jist read about… Tayammum. You can actually perform your ablution as usual with water… And for your hand which is on cast/wrapped/bandaged, you can do ‘wiping’. Just wipe water over the cast/wrapping. However once you remove the wrapper, it nullifies the ‘wiping’. :)

    Is your wound healing well?

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