Majulah Singapura!

As Singaporeans the world over celebrate Singapore’s 45th National Day to mark it’s independence, little is known of what happens several days before the celebrations itself.

Here’s an insight into what happens several days before the National Day every year.

In celebration of Singapore’s National Day every year, grassroots leaders will organize a National Day Dinner for it’s members. This celebration will be attended by grassroots leaders of all ages and races and graced by the constituency’s respective advisor.

This year, I had the priviledge to attend my first National Day Dinner organized by Tanglin-Cairnhill Division.

The dinner, held in an open carpark at Bukit Merah View saw the attendance of nearly a thousand grassroots leaders all joined together for a common purpose – to enjoy free food and performances! Okay, there’s also the awards ceremony for Long Service Awards given to grassroots leaders who’ve served for at least 5 years.

There were however several things that I was unhappy about – AS ALWAYS.

With all the talk of a multi-racial Singapore and equality and good service standards, the Non-Halal tables had their own group of servers to attend to them. And these servers who were serving drinks before the event began WOULD NOT SERVE the Halal tables even for soft drinks or chinese tea – which is HALAL.

I was extremely pissed off at how when called upon, one of them walked up to me and began speaking to me in Mandarin the whole time telling me that they can’t serve my table because they only serve Non-Halal section even if it’s for drinks. How ridiculous could that be?

Fellow members at the table had to wait close to 30 minutes before a Halal server came and only served Fruit Punch. Non-Halal tables had Beer, F&N Orange and Chinese Tea.

I also discovered later on that the only 5 Halal tables were served by just 2 servers of which the Halal kitchen was the farthest away from the rest of the tentage. And the 2 servers would only appear to serve drinks when they were serving food. You’d be choking on your food if there weren’t enough drinks on the table.

Last grumble, one of the members at my table was also unhappy at the spread of food served. We were served mostly with vegetarian dishes when the Non-Halal tables had Braised Duck, Mayo Prawns and Sharks Fin soup. We had.. well, the menu is in the photos so just enjoy watching the photos!

Happy National Day!

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